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Crypto Trading And Happiness

A 2011 study was conducted using hospital records in California. After a three year assessment of the data collected from the study, there was found to be an inverse relationship between the number of hospital admissions and the daily stock returns. The results in the study were not particularly shocking. The study confirmed that fluctuations […]
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Mexico Now Has Its First Blockchain Association

There is good news in the blockchain market as the first blockchain association is formed in Mexico. This is according to a news article published in the Forbes Mexico on November 28th, 2018. The founding members of this newly formed association include ConsenSys, an established blockchain software firm. The Blockchain Association Of Mexico The formation […]
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LCX Can Now Offer Crypto Services In Liechtenstein

Several crypto exchanges have continued to be licensed for offering crypto trading services. The latest is Liechtenstein, LCX, which would be offering it for payment and utility tokens. LCX will be providing four main cryptocurrency services in partnership with Binance. LCX Is Now A Regulated Exchange On Tuesday, 27th November, LCX made a big announcement. […]
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Professor Cesare Fracassi Speaks On The Expanding Blockchain Initiative

University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI) was launched earlier in the year with an objective of promoting a greater understanding of digital payments, crypto and Blockchain in general. In an interview by Ripple Insights that highlights research, people and institutions, Professor Cesare Fracassi who is the director of UBRI initiative at the centre for Analytics and […]
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Bitcoin Predicted To Surge 60 Times In 5 Years

If you have been in the Crypto market this year, then you know that it has been horrific. Currently, the currency was 80% short of what it was in December 2017 when it reached its peak of $19,000. And just when you thought Thanksgiving would be any better, it plunged 40% of its dollar value […]
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Modern Terminals Adopts Blockchain For Documents Logistics

Modern Terminals, a container terminal operator that is currently Hong Kong’s second largest, is the latest entrant into the TradeLens project. The TradeLens project is a technological solution that is supported by Blockchain and has been created by IBM and Maersk. Modern Terminals Joins The TradeLens Project Modern Terminals has stated through its press release […]
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Sweden – The Next Big Crypto Market

Sweden retailers are predicting that the country will stop accepting cash by 2025. As the New York Times is reporting ‘cash is disappearing faster than anyone could have thought’. In fact, government officials are trying to save its demise by slowing it down. However, plans for the fast coming future are underway. Sveriges Riksbank, the […]
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Coincheck Resumes Xrp, Fct Trading

Coincheck has announced that it will be resuming trading in XRP and FCT starting from the 26th of November. Services Suspended To Investigate Breach This news was made public by a statement on the exchange’s website, which was signed by the Crypto exchange’s chief executive Toshihiko Katsuya. According to the statements, trading on the two […]
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Ohio To Use Bitcoin To Pay Taxes

Ohio has officially become the first state in the US to accept bitcoin as a means of payment for taxes. The state announced its revolutionary decision on Monday and is anticipated to be the first among a string of states to follow. Speaking after he made the announcement, Josh Mandel who is Ohio’s state treasurer […]
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