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football team

A Portuguese Football Team May Turn To ICO To Raise Funds

A popular Portuguese football club has revealed that it may launch an initial coin offering (ICO) to raise funds. Sporting Clube de Portugal (SCP) has not been successful in raising the required amount through bonds. The club may join other sports teams such as Paris Saint-Germain, Newcastle United, and Cardiff City, which are already planning […]
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Blockchain Course Launched At The University Of Tokyo

The University of Tokyo has started teaching a blockchain course at its main engineering graduate school. This initiative has received support and donations that is estimated to be worth $800,000. The donation is from a partnership that includes Sumitomo Mitsui, the Japanese banking guru, and the Ethereum Foundation. Blockchain Innovation Donation Course Dubbed the “Blockchain […]
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Paxos Standard Now Listed By BitPay

A new move by BitPay is seen as enhancing its list of stablecoin offerings that are designed for merchant settlement. This is the move to list Paxos Limited tokens for use on various transactions. It is definitely the most highly traded in the newly-created regulated stablecoins group. More Support Already Added Barely a month ago, […]
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bitcoin cash

What Next After Successful Bitcoin Cash Upgrade?

Four days have passed since two major historical events took place in the cryptocurrency market. These were the upgrade of Bitcoin Cash as well as the blockchain split that occurred on the 15th of November. The upgrade involved re-enabling Satoshi Nakamoto’s OP_codes that had been disabled. A lot has happened since the hard fork went […]
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