Best Bytecoin Wallets 2019 – Which One Should You Use?


Bytecoin, also known as BCN is an altcoin offering untraceable transactions and relatively profitable mining rewards. Created in 2012, the altcoin has weathered a lot of controversies and managed to repair its image.

Bytecoin’s development team have managed to rebrand the coin and introduce new wallets. A number of third-party wallets have also appeared in support for the coin as well.

This piece will give you advice on the best choices when it comes to Bytecoin wallets. But before we outline some of the best examples, here’s what to consider before choosing a wallet.

What To Consider Before Choosing The Best Bytecoins Wallet

Security: Where money is involved, security is of the utmost importance. Settle for a wallet with the best security features. Look for a wallet that at least has a two-factor authentication, cold storage, and passphrase login or recovery seeds if not all.

Compatible coins: Is the wallet compatible with other coins other than Bytecoin?

Supported platforms: It is also important to find out the platform in which the wallet is available on.

Ease of use: Some wallets are not just difficult to download but also difficult to set up and use. Finding one with an interface that is intuitive and attractive is better.

Development activity: Ask when the wallet was created and how often is it updated by its developers. Old and outdated wallets are prone to security risks, sometimes they don’t even work with new coin versions.


Bytecoin Wallet – Desktop Wallet

The desktop wallet offers all transaction tools any trader needs. The wallet itself has sending and receiving tabs and a built-in address for repeat transactions. Besides, the wallet also doubles up as a mining app. You can, therefore, start earning with a click of a button.

When it comes to security features, the wallet has the ability to store private keys in order to prevent remote hackers from access. An extra password also goes the way to prevent access when it falls in the wrong hands It’s available for Windows, Mac OSx and Linux platforms.

Freewallet – Mobile Wallet

Freewallet is Bytecoin’s official mobile wallet and is available for Android devices with an alternative third-party Freewallet for iOS devices as well. The account is also accessible via the web even when you don’t have the device at hand.

An advantage with Freewallet is its support for many coins in which you can exchange for Bytecoin.

Its high-security features are also something the wallet brags about. The features include two-factor authentication, fingerprint login, and pin code verification. Transaction limits also prevent hackers from withdrawing all your money at a go.

Bytecoin Web Wallet – Web Wallet

The wallet enables you to access funds wherever you are. All you need to do is sign up with a username and email.

Although it has fewer features than the desktop version, it has the basic, send and receive functions. You can also exchange coins with this wallet.

Web wallets are not as secure as desktop wallets, but they offer two-factor authentication.

Bytecoin Ninja – Cold Storage Wallet

Offline wallet or cold storage wallets are the best way to secure large amounts of crypto for longer periods. They are mostly used in harmony with less secure wallets- you simply move Bytecoin when you need to spend it.


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