Small Businesses Continue To Use Bitcoin In Kenya


Health Land Spa, Kenyan health service provider has started taking Bitcoin as one of the payment modes. This is done not only to increase accountability but also to avert any losses that they might experience. Cryptocurrency acceptance has been on the rise in entire East Africa. There are at least two restaurants in Kenya and Uganda that sell food for the cryptos.

Cryptocurrency Is Safe And Secure

The Nairobi-based Health Land Spa was started by Tony Mwongera. While speaking to Bitcoinke, a Kenyan news site, he gave the reason why he chose Bitcoin payments. The main reason was to plug the loss of revenue in his business. Initially, he had witnessed so much theft in his business. He then opted to use a technology that is secure and safe. Bitcoin core was the first in his mind and he opted to use it. Health Land Spa customers will now have a new option when it comes to paying their bills. They can now use their digital wallets to pay their bills for health and beauty treatments and others. the company also accepts another cryptocurrency apart from Bitcoin. Customers can also pay with their Dash digital wallets. It is also looking forward to adding more in the coming months.


More Companies Taking The BTC Move

Apart from Health Land Spa, there are also other Kenyan service providers that had made a Bitcoin move. One of them is Boxlight Electronics. It is a Kenyan based company that distributes several electrical devices like home theaters and TV sets. It also accepts payments that are made in both Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Core. Several Boxlight Electronics customers had earlier requested to use the cryptos in footing out their bills. That was according to the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Robinson Murage.

But there are more reasons why the use of cryptos has been easy for a company likeBoxlight Electronics,  a large percentage of its customers are not only young but also tech savvy. They spend most of their time online. The company has opted to adapt and be inclusive to the needs of this kind of customers.

Bitcoin Even Accepted For Roast Beef!

In Nyeri, one of the rural towns in Kenya, Bitcoin is used for other purposes. Betty’s Place is a roast beef selling restaurant that accepts the digital currency. According to the owner, Betty Wambugu, Bitcoin is just like any other means of payment. She added that BTC is accepted at her food joint just like they do to cash. Betty’s Place has been the subject of discussion since it opted to accept BTC as a means of payment. The place has been able to attract many customers, some even foreigners.

She acknowledges that the world is slowly becoming more global. Therefore, her main aim is to make her restaurant more global as possible. Unfazed, this entrepreneur has even begun holding crypto classes at her restaurant on Sundays. This is meant to encourage those who want to know more about cryptos and their uptake.

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