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Marketing Your IEO

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) have fallen out of favor with crypto investors. The perceived and inherent risk of investing in ICOs and the high chances of being defrauded have discouraged potential investors. Some reports say that over 70% of ICOs in 2017 were fraudulent. But that’s in the past now, a new form of crypto […]
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Ripple XRP: A Budding New Business

Like other cryptocurrencies, Ripple XRP is back on course. However, the price retardation that has been experienced in the last 48 hours has not spared Ripple XRP either. This kind of shakeup has certainly affected unconfident crypto enthusiasts. Perseverance Is Key The Ripple XRP community is an ecosystem of crypto enthusiasts anticipating to see Ripple […]
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Skills You Need For a Career In Blockchain

A recent report by KPMG asserts that the blockchain hype is finally fading away. Individuals and businesses are now beginning to understand the nature of blockchain technology, what it is, and what it’s capable of. Another study by Gartner says blockchain adoption is on a fast track lane in regards to adoption. In the past […]
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Bitcoin Price Predictions

Interesting Bitcoin Price Predictions

Anyone can predict bitcoin’s future price, but doing so precisely is not a simple task. One has to consider a myriad of factors that come into play, including the high level of volatility infamous with crypto markets. Today, we weigh in on some of the bitcoin predictions made in the recent past. Several predictions have […]
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Ways To Long Bitcoin In This Season

The crypto craze is finally here, and bitcoin prices are rising in hundreds in hours. The bearish run was long overdue, and finally, it did give in. Signs of an ending bearish season were seen as early as February. This should have been a sign to start buying. Many ignored. The few wise ones invested […]
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Bitcoin’s Price Spike Theories

Bitcoin is now at around $7,500, a steady upsurge from $5,000, the price recorded at the beginning of May. And this is causing a frenzy in the crypto community. Analysts are struggling to find the cause(s) of the sharp upsurge. It however, remains a mystery, the reason for the aggressive appreciation of crypto figures. According […]
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Top Blockchain Podcasts

Keeping up with new blockchain information can be a daunting task. There is always something going on with cryptocurrencies, ICO, IEOs, new regulations, market entries, and exits, etc. And the sad part for the crypto investor is; he has to keep tabs with whatever’s going on. Now, there are different ways of keeping up with […]
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The Stumbling Blocks To Blockchain’s Takeover

Only less than a handful of technologies have created such a buzz and controversy as blockchain has. To some people, technology is transformative and critical to the future of technology. To others, however, it’s the opposite; a complete sham, a Ponzi scheme, and a fraud. How can you reconcile the two divides? By shunning ignorance. […]
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Why Crypto Prices Have Improved

2019 is turning out to be a wonderful year for cryptocurrencies, far from what we witnessed in 2018. The truth is that ever since February, when cryptocurrencies recorded the first positive month, it has all been positive news from cryptocurrencies. The overall increase since January is 60% so far. The 40 percent increase recorded in […]
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Anonymize Your Crypto Transactions

Most people still think that blockchain and all cryptocurrencies offer full privacy. With the exception of private coins, the rest cannot guarantee anonymity. The truth is that your crypto transactions can be visible to who cares hard enough to look. The prying eyes of the government tax auditors and criminals could be auditing your ledger. […]
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