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ETFs Are More Stable Than Bitcoin

Bitcoin is undoubtedly the most volatile crypto asset in financial history. It’s incredible, the thought that bitcoin’s price was once at $0.003. 2017 was the peak of the digital currency markets and Bitcoin itself hit an all-time high of $19,783 for a single unit. What a time it was for bitcoin holders. The good times […]
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Bitcoin Mixing Services – What They Do

Majority of people know bitcoin as an anonymous cryptocurrency. This perceived fact is a false myth. But somehow the currency has acquired the reputation of being anonymous. So what’s the solution? Bitcoin mixing service. Unless the user integrates this service, his transactions will remain traceable. The fact that crypto enthusiasts think that bitcoin is anonymous […]
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Rare Cryptos You Should Ponder

It is estimated that there are over 1600 cryptocurrencies on the market today. Not all stand the test of time and instability being currently experienced in the market. Many of these projects have come crumbling down especially after the bearish run of 2018. One of the other reasons why new crypto projects crumble down in […]
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public vs private blockchain

The Difference Between Private And Public Blockchain

The concept of blockchain has been a rather difficult subject to most people. And you have probably heard an array of characteristics ranging from immutability to transparency. While they might have told you that the purest form of blockchain advocate for transparency, there are private blockchains that don’t exactly subscribe to this decree. This piece […]
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Why Most Scholars Don’t Understand Bitcoin

Misir Mahmudov, a well-respected crypto analyst and a bitcoin influencer has caused a stir among bitcoin critics. The analyst has argued that the reason why most educated people fail to see the benefits of bitcoin is because they are only specialized in one field. Mahmudov who is also a financial economics student at the Columbia […]
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who created bitcoin

Interesting Bitcoin Conspiracy Theories

There is no denying that most of the mysteries surrounding bitcoin fall back to the mysterious identity of its original creator. Also, the fact that there are no unequivocal proofs to dismiss claims supported by the notion further fuel the plausibility of some of these theories. Regardless of the case, some of these theories serve […]
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Crypto payment

70% Rarely Use Crypto For Payment: Study Finds

Blockchain’s potential can only be realized when value is freely shared between parties for commercial and utility purposes. If this doesn’t occur or occurs only to a limited degree, blockchain can only make a little difference to the world. It is not a surprise that people are holding back crypto usage. A recent study finds […]
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Crypto Market Lessons About Investing

Here are some top reasons that each virtual asset investor should take into account before investing in the future; Ensure You Fully Understand The Cryptocurrency Although this might appear common to understand what cryptocurrencies are, it is important to understand the basic concepts. One of the major factors to succeed in this market is the […]
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CryptoProfile is one of the top ranking blockchain marketing organization that is focused on creating a consolidated airdrop platform for the Initial Coin Offering market. The main aim of the platform is to link ICOs projects with a huge number of crypto traders, with various services that would improve the marketing campaigns. The platform would […]
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Blockchain adoption

Corporations Boosting Blockchain Adoption

When Satoshi designed bitcoin, his vision was getting rid of the authority, roles, and purposes of central institutions especially when it came to finances. The objective is getting twisted as time goes on, bitcoin may end up getting affected by centralized corporate actions it avoided in the first place. Whether it’s for the better, we […]
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