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Why Most Scholars Don’t Understand Bitcoin

Misir Mahmudov, a well-respected crypto analyst and a bitcoin influencer has caused a stir among bitcoin critics. The analyst has argued that the reason why most educated people fail to see the benefits of bitcoin is because they are only specialized in one field. Mahmudov who is also a financial economics student at the Columbia […]
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who created bitcoin

Interesting Bitcoin Conspiracy Theories

There is no denying that most of the mysteries surrounding bitcoin fall back to the mysterious identity of its original creator. Also, the fact that there are no unequivocal proofs to dismiss claims supported by the notion further fuel the plausibility of some of these theories. Regardless of the case, some of these theories serve […]
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Crypto payment

70% Rarely Use Crypto For Payment: Study Finds

Blockchain’s potential can only be realized when value is freely shared between parties for commercial and utility purposes. If this doesn’t occur or occurs only to a limited degree, blockchain can only make a little difference to the world. It is not a surprise that people are holding back crypto usage. A recent study finds […]
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Crypto Market Lessons About Investing

Here are some top reasons that each virtual asset investor should take into account before investing in the future; Ensure You Fully Understand The Cryptocurrency Although this might appear common to understand what cryptocurrencies are, it is important to understand the basic concepts. One of the major factors to succeed in this market is the […]
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CryptoProfile is one of the top ranking blockchain marketing organization that is focused on creating a consolidated airdrop platform for the Initial Coin Offering market. The main aim of the platform is to link ICOs projects with a huge number of crypto traders, with various services that would improve the marketing campaigns. The platform would […]
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Blockchain adoption

Corporations Boosting Blockchain Adoption

When Satoshi designed bitcoin, his vision was getting rid of the authority, roles, and purposes of central institutions especially when it came to finances. The objective is getting twisted as time goes on, bitcoin may end up getting affected by centralized corporate actions it avoided in the first place. Whether it’s for the better, we […]
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Blockchain-Tourism Partnership Projects

Blockchain is a space where ideas, regardless of their size, grow at a rapid rate. The technology is attracting myriads of startup project into the space. Industries are realizing the potential of Blockchain and what it holds for the future. The latest industry to lay eyes on Blockchain has been the tourism sector. It has […]
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crypto taxes

Maximize Your Returns – 4 Crypto-Tax Tips

This piece is an insight by Jim Calvin, a tax expert at Deloitte on some of the tax tricks that professionals in financial firms use to maximize tax returns. He has been in the crypto industry since 2014. He is also a professional at Deloitte. But before we dive in right into the main issue, […]
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Blockchain Facebook

Will Blockchain Facebook Ever Become Mainstream?

The Cambridge Analytica incident last year sure raised eyebrows on the manner in which social media giants handle user data. The result of the incident has seen a considerable number of users deactivate their accounts. A study by Pew Research Center says that 44% of youngsters in the US alone have logged off their Facebook […]
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Ways To Earn More Bitcoin

To most of you, buying Bitcoin in large amounts is not viable as an investment strategy. However, the good news is, there are more alternatives for you to earn Bitcoin. Some of these alternatives are new in the crypto space. And some sometimes you don’t have to do anything to start earning. Earning Via Crypto […]
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