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Creating A Cryptocurrency – The Basics

There is no doubt digital currencies and Blockchain have recently been having the most impactful development. Investors have made quite a ton of money investing in digital currencies and the Blockchain industry has grown tremendously as a result. Bitcoin’s success has been the defining moment for the new digital revolution. More and more people now […]
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Samsung S10 Might Support These Cryptocurrencies

February was a special month, not just for Samsung users but also for crypto enthusiasts. The Korean giant phone company unveiled the Samsung S10. Among its unique features is the new and rare inbuilt crypto wallet. We can no longer deny that the world is slowly moving the crypto way. This move will boost crypto’s […]
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Cryptocurrency is now regarded as one of the most reliable currencies in the digital market. Widely used in the financial markets globally, it is the new trend as a medium of exchange. There are various online platforms that make it possible to transact business globally without a hitch, that is friendly, secure, fast and are […]
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Facebook Cryptocurrency Is Closer Than Ever

In case you haven’t heard, Facebook, Signal, Telegram and WhatsApp are indeed working on their own Cryptocurrency. The idea is to allow their users to make payments to each other using the new coins. Of the above messaging giants, Facebook is the furthest in the development path. According to the New York Times, five anonymous […]
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Telegram ICO/Blockchain Project Management 101

Telegram is very essential in today’s crypto space. Since most crypto enthusiasts are on Telegram, it’s thus the best way for any ICO or Blockchain project to actively engage members. Why the crypto community prefers Telegram? It is a cheaper communication means and you can communicate without revealing your identity. Companies out there may be […]
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Fighting Counterfeit Booze-Using Blockchain

Do you know that a third of alcoholic contents in the world are counterfeit? This is according to the statistics given by the International Center for Alcohol Policies. In the UK, the market value for alcoholic drinks in 2018 reached 54 million euros. Such a highly profitable industry is vulnerable to counterfeits. The European Union […]
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Solution To The Dying Cash System

There is no denying that the cash system is becoming expendable. In the next two decades, cash might be illegal. And the invention of the computer takes the blame.The revolution started years ago. The same government that can’t resist peeking into our lives will make the idea a reality. The Benefit Of Centralized Currency In […]
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Crypto taxes

All You Need To Know About Crypto Taxes

Crypto taxes are not as straightforward as you think. There are certain provisions in the new crypto tax law that makes taxing of crypto not exactly a walk in the park. Besides that, the Internal Revenue Service is not clear about certain provisions within the same crypto tax law. Ultimately the burden lies on the […]
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Expanding Global Reaches – Ripple’s Success Stories

The recent Ripple Regionals Event held in London was an eye-opener to say the least, in the Blockchain community. Attendees got a chance to hear the most exciting stories of how Blockchain helped successfully grow new markets in Mexico, Philippines and beyond for three European business leaders. The companies shared how they used the Blockchain in overcoming […]
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