Crypto Booster – How To Invest On Autopilot


Crypto booster is one of the best tools to use for passive Cryptocurrency investing. This website enables you to invest in the best Cryptocurrencies without your involvement.

Investing in the Crypto sector requires knowledge about the industry and takes a lot of time. With the Crypto Booster, however, all this is done automatically. Crypto Booster will rebalance and diversify your investment automatically. Moreover, after selecting a schedule of your choice, the tool will perform all the calculations and trades automatically without your involvement.

In over one year, Crypto Booster investments have 800 percent higher profits than a diversified Crypto portfolio. The websites Crypto returns are also 1,100 percent higher than a Bitcoin-only portfolio.

How to get started

Currently, Crypto Booster only works with Binance, one of the most reliable Cryptocurrency exchanges. Once you have created your Binance account, plug in the Crypto Booster. More Cryptocurrency trading websites will be added soon.

Given that Crypto Booster works with only Trade-Only API keys, create yours in your Binance account. Crypto Booster will never withdraw your funds and will never accept any keys with withdrawal permission.

Benefits of Crypto Booster

• Investing in the Crypto sector requires knowledge about the market. However, with Crypto Booster, you can make huge profits from your Cryptocurrency investments with only basic information.

• Trading Cryptocurrencies is time-consuming, as it requires the trader to keep collecting and analyzing data now and then. Crypto Booster, however, enables individuals to earn huge profits even without spending any of their time trading.

Why you should invest in Crypto Booster

Crypto Booster enables the users to invest in top 20 coins every month. The users can also invest in the top 5 Cryptocurrencies every day. Furthermore, they have the freedom to select any other configuration of their choice.

When you invest with Crypto Booster, the company will take over the responsibility of managing your investments. The system automatically drops poorly performing coins and selects the best performers.

As a passive Crypto investing tool, Crypto Booster allows its clients to schedule their investments in the best Cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Booster’s security

Before entering your data on any website, it is advisable to ensure it is secure to make sure your privacy is not compromised. Crypto Booster takes security very seriously and is a McAfee Secure Verified Website. Furthermore, it encrypts all data using 256-bit encryption. The website also supports IP address whitelisting to prevent any unauthorized third parties from accessing your investments using your API Keys.

Crypto Booster keeps adding new features now and then in an attempt to improve the experience of their clients. Currently, the website is planning other virtual currency trading platforms like Bittrex. The move will help in providing their customers with more options.

Crypto Booster’s pricing plan

Now that you have decided to invest with Crypto Booster, you need to know about their pricing price. Users who choose the monthly plan only pay $14.95 per month. There is also the annual plan at $149.95 per year, which averages to $12.49 per month. Still, you can select the one-time payment plan for $399.95. Crypto Booster’s prices are reasonable compared to the many benefits associated with this product. Register here to get started with your crypto booster.

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