5-Star Swiss Hotel Expected To Accept BTC Payments

swiss hotel bitcoin payment

A 5-star hotel that is based in Switzerland is expected to start accepting Bitcoin payments. This will take place as from the month of May 2019. The hotel is known as Dolder Grand. This great news was officially announced on the 2nd of April 2019. It was announced by Inacta AG, which is the tech partner of the five-star Swiss hotel. The option for BTC payments will start functioning on the 1st of May 2019.

How The New System Will Work

The new payment method will come with lots of new options. Once it goes live, guests at this hotel will do a number of things using the leading crypto coin. They will be able to pay for food, accommodation, spa treatments, and beverages using bitcoin. The Bitcoin payments will then be converted into Euro or Swiss franc as soon as the payment has been completed. This will be done with the help of Inapay app.

Inapay is a mobile application that has been designed by Inacta AG. According to that statement, it implies that the hotel on its own will handle the crypto transactions. A number of improvements in the hotel’s service have been made possible by technological advances. This is according to Andre Meier, the director of Finance at Dolder Grand. He believes BTC is here to stay and so it would be okay to provide certain choices in the payment process.

The Payment Option Has Been A Long Time Plan For The Hotel

The BTC payment option had been earlier featured as part of a pilot project with the Inacta AG. As early as 2014, there are hotels in the world that have been accepting payments made in cryptocurrency. One of them is CheapAir, a US-based travel agency. It began a service that would enable travelers to book hotel stays with the cryptos. This was done back in February of 2014.

Another hotel group began accepting cryptos in July of the same year. This was Sandman Hotel Group, which is based in Canada. It began accepting BTC as form of payment for room reservations. Even recently, Casual Hotels also began accepting BTC payments. The Spanish hotel did this on a pilot basis in February of this year.

Switzerland Is The World’s New Cryptocurrency Hub

Switzerland has established itself as the one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency hub. With that tag, it has continued to improve its new world status.


Just a couple of days ago, a Swiss stock exchange introduced an additional crypto based ETP – Exchange-traded product. ETPs are assets that tend to follow the prices of particular coins in the crypto market. The Swiss exchange is known as SIX. This time, the product was connected to XRP. It is trading under the ticker that is referred to as AXRP. The ATP was introduced in collaboration with the Amun AG company. It is the fourth cryptocurrency-based product that the startup has ever created. A crypto basket index was also launched by Amun AG in the last fall. It is trading on the same Switzerland-based exchange, SIX.

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