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blockchain and gaming

The State Of Blockchain Gaming

Blockchain technology is winning. Everywhere it lands, it’s leaving a lasting impact. Speak of logistics, healthcare, finances, and digital identity industries. They are not the same as before. And now, everyone wants a piece of the blockchain. Any industry would want to have ties to a technology that encourages transparency and improve efficiency and convenience. […]
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Crypto Booster

Crypto Booster

Are you looking for a way to monetize your blog or website? Crypto Booster affiliate program will enable you to get a 66% commission ($10) the first month for every client you refer and 33% recurring commissions ($5) every month afterward! Now, let us go into details about this excellent product that I believe you […]
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The main work of QProtocol is to create a quantum resistant cryptography on the systems that you use. It creates software that are in great collaboration with top market researchers. All these are done to pursue the objective of coming up with a quantum resistant and open data future. Its main vision is anchored on […]
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BTC Trading At $5,000, The Difference With 2017

After a long, long wait, bitcoin is finally showing real signs of recovery. If you haven’t heard, earlier this week, the flagship currency crossed the $5,000 price range. The last time it crossed from the downward side was in 2017 before going on to reach an all-time high of $19,000 at the end of the […]
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Ethereum, The Game Changer

No one would have thought 10 years ago that blockchain technology would reach the heights it has achieved today. No one even thought of that 15 months ago, back in December 2017 after blockchain went mainstream. It’s incredible that today we are talking of an evolution that is slowly coming to be, the blockchain revolution. […]
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4 Stages Of Blockchain Evolution

The hype about blockchain has just started picking up. And organizations are on the rush to adopt the technology. Some just want to add it to their year’s initiatives to conform to the growing blockchain culture. Blockchain and bitcoin are fast becoming household names since their rise in December 2017. It seems to be the […]
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Crypto Governance Models

Popular Crypto Governance Models

Many cryptocurrencies don’t do well. Not because of the technology behind them but merely because of the organizational level they are in doomed them from the very beginning. The governance of any corporation has to be clearly and formally defined. Governance is a human issue and when not structured, open doors to confusion. This piece […]
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crypto exchange

Traits Of A Next-Gen Centralized Crypto Exchange

There are over 200 crypto exchanges in the market today. Differentiating the good from the bad can be extremely difficult. Foremost, users need to know the extra steps exchanges are taking to ensure the security of tokens. However, it’s not just about security, users need to know the direction exchanges are heading. Exchanges no longer […]
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