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Keeping up with new blockchain information can be a daunting task. There is always something going on with cryptocurrencies, ICO, IEOs, new regulations, market entries, and exits, etc. And the sad part for the crypto investor is; he has to keep tabs with whatever’s going on.

Now, there are different ways of keeping up with the blockchain news and updates. You can choose to study upcoming and existing whitepapers, read newsletters and engage with other enthusiasts on the telegram or choose to click sites like dailyiconews for the latest news and updates regarding anything blockchain.

Today, however, we explore a rather unusual way of keeping yourself updated with information regarding blockchains; Podcasts. They are digital audio recordings that are made available online for subscribers and anyone interested in the subject contents. Podcasts can be live or recorded.

Blockchain podcasts can be fascinating to the crypto enthusiast who doesn’t like reading that much or loses attention rather quickly. The fact that you can listen to podcasts while driving or working are an added advantage over articles. But that also depends on how good the podcasts can be.

If a podcast host won’t discuss the important issues and ask the challenging questions, then reading an updated news site will be a better option. We have researched, consulted and compiled some of the best blockchain podcasts available.

‘OST LIVE’ Podcast

The Open Simple Token podcast focuses on token economies and the wide-scale adoption of token loyalty systems. Experts like Chris Coney and Christian Kameir have graced the OST podcast and discussed matters ranging from the mimblewimble protocols and non-fungible tokens which can be found online. You can find OST on YouTube and iTunes.

The ‘Unchained’ Podcast

If you are an ardent crypto podcast listener, you must have come across Laura Shin’s unchained podcast. The podcast started in 2016 and has hosted famous guests like Vitalik Buterin.

Shows on the podcast are well prepared and insightful, not to mention; her questions are very critical.

The ‘Grey Mirror’

For a broader picture of crypto and its potential impact on society, the grey mirror would be particularly interesting for you. Rhys Lindmark has an interesting perspective on the world of crypto. It’s worth giving an ear.

What’s peculiar with Rhys is his objectivity on issues crypto, cutting across both negatives and positives of a tokenized future. He also has some exciting guest reviews.

‘The Blockchain And Us’ Podcast

Another outstanding show by Manuel Stargas that you should give a try. He is such an intelligent interviewer with a desire to find the real and deeper motivation behind crypto projects and their founders.


The ‘Decentralize This’ Podcast

‘Decentralize This’ is Enigma’s podcast with its Head of Growth, Tor Bair. Bair regularly invites incredible and influential guests on his podcast. But what makes the show a good listen is his interviewing ability. His way of asking questions while keeping a neutral point of view is incredible.

So much has been discussed on the platform including ideas on the radical markets and decentralized financial markets. You will also find excellent contents on the different angles of decentralization.

These are just a few examples of some of the podcasts with great hosts. You can find all blockchain information on the podcasts from all kinds of angles.

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