Ways To Long Bitcoin In This Season

long bitcoin

The crypto craze is finally here, and bitcoin prices are rising in hundreds in hours. The bearish run was long overdue, and finally, it did give in. Signs of an ending bearish season were seen as early as February. This should have been a sign to start buying. Many ignored.

The few wise ones invested when bitcoin was at its lowest. But as the market got better, more people were appealed by the growing prices. It’s not too late, in fact, it’s still early, and you can always go in on bitcoin. You have to be aware though because it’s not as simple as following a specific strategy.

This piece is for the long term bitcoin investors. We provide several options that can work out for you. But also keep in mind that for every financial action, a risk will have to be undertaken. And also remember, gamble with what you can afford to lose.

Buy And Hold

It’s the most straightforward option. Simply buy bitcoin from one trading platform then hold or store the coin. It may seem a simple process, but it requires a level of patience and can be a mental battle.

You will experience significant price fluctuations that are currently ongoing. It will be challenging to hold on with numerous $100+ spreads daily to take advantage of. But you have to hold on if you want more profit.

Leverage Trading Option

Traders with a bit of experience in the crypto markets often leverage trading bitcoin and other virtual currencies at the right time. The trade is lucrative, and you can make good money from this strategy. However, the financial harm is very real with leverage trading, especially for the inexperienced trader.

Luckily, several exchanges allow users to be long or short bitcoin via a convenient interface. Platforms like BitMex, Trading212, and Plus500 are some of the most popular interfaces for crypto enthusiasts and traders. The inexperienced can get loads of experience using these interfaces.

With leverage trading, profits can be very good for the trader, but when a trade goes awry, you lose a lot more in comparison to other trading options. Hence, consider it carefully.


The Put Option

Put option is another exciting way to long bitcoin. It may not be available as a trading instrument like others are, but numerous platforms are offering it as an option for you.

Put option offers the user the choice of trading at a specific price by a certain date although they won’t be obliged to. There also provide greater flexibility with increased leverage options. The put option is an excellent tool for traders.

Bitcoin Future Trading Option

Since the option of bitcoin trading was introduced, the concept has only managed decent attention. The trading volumes of CME and CBOE aren’t as spectacular as they ought to be.

However, given that the product is still new to the market, it’s understandable. In any case, the option was introduced when bitcoin was showing a price reversal sign. It’s only reasonable that there was no significant trading volume then. But as bitcoin price rises, it’s expected that bitcoin future trading will become more popular.

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