Make Money In Any Crypto Market Trend

Crypto market trend

Today we are talking about something that everybody wants to hear, or at least would want to hear; making gains in a small bearish crypto market trend.

We understand that the market might be experiencing turbulence. But that shouldn’t be entirely surprising, considering the steep gains crypto made in April and earlier in the month.

But that being so, there are good ways to make profits when the prices rise again. It might take a little bit of effort, but the tips sure are worth trying out.

Shorting The Market

For the enthusiasts who expect the bearish momentum to pick pace again, you might want to consider shorting crypto. Various trading tools can conveniently facilitate the process.

Now, there is no doubt that when you successfully short crypto, it can make you good money. However, the current market circumstances might not be as appealing as it ought to be for shorting. Only for a short term short but if you want a long term short, wait for the prices to stabilize on an upward trend.

Swing Trading

Anyone with a basic understanding of technical analysis knows the merits of this method. It doesn’t matter whether we are in a bull on a bear market; you can still make profits from the same. Even when the prices are going sideways, there are some fluctuations in the market on any given day.

The method relies on buying low and selling high. Every market has its ups and downs throughout the day, and taking advantage of the opportunities needs a little bit of effort and staring down at charts for hours.

Identifying trade points is not difficult either. A few YouTube videos and using basic indicators can help your situation. But beware, as good as it sounds, there are risks involved.

Scalping For Profits

Scalping is familiar to those with a financial market background. It occurs in every stage of the market, both within and outside the crypto market. It’s an excellent way to make small profits, especially when research and effort are applied.


It requires people with lots of free time on their hands. Might be tedious for some of you, probably why you need a trading bot. Again, the markets are currently highly volatile, and profits can easily be eroded in quick succession. Definitely not for the faint-hearted

Small Cap Coins

Now, the crypto space is vast with thousands of upcoming crypto coin projects. You can make money on these markets as well. The small-cap currencies particularly enjoy price swings sideways and bearish trends affecting the giant markets

Small coin market trading can be lucrative, but not much can be invested in a small cap coin. Traders only need not invest in what they can’t afford to lose

Airdrops, Giveaways And IEOs

While not too much money can be made from airdrops and giveaways, any free source of money is worth looking into. Airdrops on the other side need social media interaction

IEOs are becoming popular in 2019 as ICOs were in 2017. They tend to yield early profits for early investors.

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