Bitcoin Cash Register Platform Launched For iOS Devices


Barely a month ago, introduced its free POS (point of sale) solution which is the Bitcoin Cash Register for Android operating systems users. However, this week the developers have launched a new register platform. The Bitcoin Cash Register has been released for the OS mobile users. This new service will enable all the merchants who have any Apple device to accept the Bitcoin cash payments.

How To Set Up BCH Register For The iOS Devices

The main aim of is all about spreading the mass adoption of the BCH – Bitcoin Cash. One of the surest ways of bringing the masses towards Bitcoin is getting worldwide merchants to accept the digital coin for services and goods. To be able to promote the benefits that are offered by the Bitcoin Cash to brick-and-mortar retailers and online, Bitcoin introduced a BCH Register for the users of devices. The developers, however, did not stop there. On the 24th of May, the developers released the iOS version of the cash register for its users. The app can now be downloaded from the App Store of the Apple’s devices.

A Simple PoS Application

Bitcoin Cash Register is a very simple PoS app that enables anyone to accept the Bitcoin Cash payments at any leading retail shop. Just like the Android platforms, the version of the iOS just needs a valid BCH address to be able to get started. For the Apple devices users, the new Bitcoin Cash Register app can be obtained from the App Store. You will be able to download the PoS platform. The app is about 21 megabytes in size. Once the download has completed, you can open the platform and the app and you will need to create a 4-digit PIN code. The PIN can then be shared with a number of other employees and can also be used to access the sections of the settings so the necessary changes can be made.


Spreading Mass Adoption Of One Merchant At A Time

The new BCH register works just like the name implies. The user’s interface has been designed to look like a register where you will be able to type in any amount to ring a person up. For instance, if a user want to create an invoice for $7.00, it would be necessary to type in the number into the register and press the symbol of the green check mark. Once that has been done, the platform will send an invoice in Bitcoin Cash. The interface offers a scannable QR code for the process of payment. All that the buyer is required to do is to scan the addresses of the QR code. Once the invoice has been fully paid, a list of the fully completed transactions is offered in the section of the history. The new app is part of the developer’s continuing program of bolstering the adoption of the crypto.

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