Blockchain Engineering – Skills Needed

Blockchain Engineering

The latest Gartner report predicts that by 2021, an overwhelming 90% of enterprises will need to integrate blockchain platforms to stay relevant and competitive. Blockchain is today’s next big thing. Its popularity has kept on increasing since its inception in 2009.

Businesses have been forced to cope up with the disrupting technology, and now every country, Government and even major organizations have started implementing blockchain processes.

If you keenly look at blockchain and the extremities of its demand, you realize that blockchain has overpowered its prowess in every field possible. The disrupting tech has found its way in the financial and the banking sector, the healthcare sector, energy and oil sector, legal sector, logistics and manufacturing, and recently the food industry. All these industries have enjoyed the benefits of blockchain technology and are using it to their advantage.

The Growing Demand For Blockchain

Immutability is the selling power of blockchain technology, and as more people realize this, they fall in love with the technology. The emergence of bitcoin was the beginning of the growing demand. The consequence of the rise in demand for the technology has been reflected in the increasing need for blockchain professionals such as engineers, specialists, and blockchain developers.

The lack of blockchain expertise is a hurdle top organizations are struggling to jump. A study by Bloomberg found that in 2017, blockchain jobs surfaced four-fold. For anyone looking to start a career in blockchain engineering, or any other related job roles, building your skills in blockchain is the perfect place to start. Then get yourself certified by taking up blockchain certification.

Demand for Blockchain

Top Blockchain Skills

We explore the top blockchain skills that you will need to master for a career in this lucrative field;

Web development. It’s a significant aspect a blockchain engineer and developer needs to start off and enter a blockchain career. Basics in web development should come in handy. You need to know the ins and outs of web development- the front ends and the back end. They are useful in designing decentralized applications in blockchain.

Data structures. A start off in the blockchain engineering field requires extensive knowledge in data structures. Blockchain experts in the field are in constant touch with data structures such as Merkle trees and Petrecia trees. The technology uses an end number of data structures that facilitate in building a secure and immutable system.

Data architecture. A blockchain professional should have an in-depth understanding of concepts such as hash functions, cryptography, and distributed ledgers. A career in this field will require you to be acquainted with the blockchain system, how it functions, and how it was built.

Smart contracts. Ethereum came with smart contracts, and since its launch, they have become quite common. Every blockchain today is looking to incorporate smart functionality. Tech professionals must, therefore, get started in blockchain and learn smart contract development.

Cryptography. Cryptography and blockchain go hand in hand. Knowledge in cryptography is useful in developing code for blockchain. Cryptography itself is divided into several categories, some with endless possibilities in the creation of different blockchains.

We Are Still In The Beginning

Blockchain is still at the beginning of the beginning. We are still in the early phases of the technology, as we learn, we specialize more. Blockchain certification should be your initial objective at this stage.

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