Users Of Electron Cash Can Now Send BTC To Mobile Users

Bitcoin Cash

There is a series of new features that have been added by the developers of the amazing BTC- based Electron Cash light client. These new features will enable the Electron Cash users to send BTC to mobile phones. This will be made possible using the Cointext service. On top of that, the Cashshuffle service in the wallet now enables up to a total of 99.9999 Bitcoin Cash per a single shuffle. This is unlike the default 50 Bitcoin Cash that was previously allowed by the platform.

Cointext Functionality Added To The New Electron Cash Upgrade

The Electron Cash wallet is one of the light clients that provides lots of privacy and versatility to the users of Bitcoin Cash. This was the first that introduced a noncustodial solution for the tokens of Simple Ledger Protocol – SLP. With a particular SLP version of the Electron Cash, the users are now able to make SLP tokens. The client client also brought in a privacy-enhancing Cashshuffle protocol to the system. The Bitcoin Cash supporters who use the Electron Cash are now able to shuffle their BCH for other transaction obfuscation. The developers also upgraded the ante by introducing numerous improvements to the version 4.0.6 of the EC. This was done on the 6th of June 2019. The first upgrade to the system was welcomed with much joy in the entire Bitcoin Cash community. This is due to the fact that the latest version of the EC offers the users an ability to send in Bitcoin Cash to mobile phones through the Cointext service.

Cash Shuffle

Sending Coins Via Cointext

Barely three weeks ago, Crescent Cash also introduced the ability to send in the coins via Cointext. Crescent Cash is a Bitcoin Cash-based and open source Android wallet. What this means is that the users of the EC can now have a number of noncustodial solutions to pick from is they want to use this great feature. Once the latest EC 4.0.6 version was introduced, a video was posted on the Bitcoin Out Loud YouTube channel demonstrating how the users of EC can send in BCH to any kind of mobile phone. The supporters of the Bitcoin Cash were happy when the news that they will be send cash to mobile phones were announced on a popular Reddit platform.

The Limit Of Cashshuffle Pushed To 99.9 BCH

It is so easy for anyone to be able to use the Cointext option with the EC. All they will be needed to do is to send in the following text – ‘cointext: ANY_PHONE_NUMBER’. In addition to that, there is also a new dialog feature of transaction that will offer the accurate fees to all users. It also offers the input amounts, and input addresses for any transaction in the wallet. The Cashshuffle limit has also been officially pushed to 99.9999 Bitcoin Cash. This improvement will add more liquidity to the main protocol of Cashshuffle. The original version of the Cashshuffle had 50 BCH as its default limit.


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