We Are At The Beginning Of The Beginning Of Cryptocurrency- Binance CEO


According to Changpeng Zhao, Bitcoin revolution is still in its early stages. The billionaire was responding to a tweet his follower when he remarked that the revolution is at ‘the beginning of the beginning’. The message was received well by a huge number of followers who are concerned that they might have missed the cryptocurrency boat.

Zhao revealed that he recalled regretting that he hadn’t joined the crypto bandwagon in 2013 but once he heard that the industry was at the beginning and still developing, it gave him hope. He is now the CEO of Binance, a crypto exchange platform.

Back in 2013, Bitcoin’s price ranged between $15 and $950, the same currency today is hovering at around $3600. It’s no surprise people regret not being converted back then. Many of those who bought Bitcoin at the time are now millionaires if not billionaires.

The story of Erick Finman is one such case. The boy was only 12 at the time he bought Bitcoin in 2011 and is such an encouraging Bitcoin success story. He is now a teenager millionaire and doesn’t envy college options, why would he?

You Have Seen Nothing Yet

According to Zhao, the best is still to come and now is yet another golden opportunity to buy crypto, when the prices are lowest they have been in 18 months. Zhao is positive that the future is still bright.

Zhao was responding to a compliment by Erik Voorhees- CEO of crypto exchange shapeshift who commended Binance’ phenomenal and inspiring success in its short history.

Zhao, on the other hand, returned credit to Voorhees who he says he met in 2013 and inspired him to venture into crypto.

2019 Shapeshift Lay-off

A harsh crypto winter has forced shapeshift to lay off a third of its employees at the beginning of 2019. Voorhees, however, accepted responsibility for the calamitous events and added that the financial risk was only a part of his job as the CEO.

In spite of the slumps in the market, diehards like Changpeng Zhao is still unmoved in his dream of a successful crypto industry that will disrupt the traditional financial system.

As CCN reports, Zhao has no doubts on Binance’s existence 100 years to come, because crypto is just getting started.

Crypto Is The Future-Tim Draper

Another tech billionaire and crypto evangelist Tim Draper has also expressed his optimism in the crypto industry. He even went ahead and predicted that it’s only a matter of time before crypto overtakes fiat currency and make up an overwhelming majority of the world’s total currency value.

When asked about the current quagmire, Draper rubbishes it off as a minor setback which does not unnerve him as it does with short term day trader investors.

Draper says that he’s ready for the revolution and he’s doing as much as he can to convert his dollars to Bitcoin. Furthermore, Draper says that crypto will follow the path of great invention, it doesn’t matter the ups and downs being experienced at the moment, what matters is, crypto is a great idea and nothing can stop such an idea when its time has come.

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