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EOS is a remarkable digital Blockchain technology that is decentralized from the usual restrictions, red tapes and legalities of other financial institutions. It is designed to offer support to other existing digital platforms by providing all the necessary and required core functions at commercial value. Decentralisation allows EOS to cut on the cost of transactions, […]
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Dash recently joined the billion dollar crypto club. The cryptocurrency is focused on providing faster transactions privately to its users. It just surpassed the one billion dollar market cap by value. Currently, the value of a single Dash coin goes at around $83. Considering last year’s bearish run, the coin has fairly managed to maintain […]
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Litecoin (LTC)

Global market trends are shifting towards the digital assets as a medium of exchange for transactions. With already established cryptocurrencies ruling the digital front already, some amazing platforms are emerging to stake a claim in this sensational field of digital marketing. Litecoin was inspired by the technicality of the Bitcoin protocol, although basically using a […]
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Cryptocurrency is now regarded as one of the most reliable currencies in the digital market. Widely used in the financial markets globally, it is the new trend as a medium of exchange. There are various online platforms that make it possible to transact business globally without a hitch, that is friendly, secure, fast and are […]
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bitcoin sv

Bitcoin SV (BSV)

The SV in Bitcoin SV stands for Satoshi’s vision. It is the latest offshoot from a Bitcoin Cash hard fork that happened towards the end of 2018. This piece explores the origins and circumstances that led to Bitcoin SV existence and the benefits its users enjoy. Bitcoin SV Origins It wasn’t until when an intended […]
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bitcoinh cash

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin Cash is an electronic cash system that has been modeled according to Satoshi Nakamoto’s famous whitepaper titled ‘Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System’. History Of Bitcoin Cash The concept was created in 2008 following the financial crisis where Lehman Brothers collapsed and many other financial institutions filed for bankruptcy all over the world. The […]
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Cryptocurrency is the new wave in the financial markets globally. It has shaken up, shaped up, transformed and re-invented the money markets, revolutionizing how we perceive and do business. The emergence of Cryptocurrency has been aided by the widespread use and penetration of the internet, with the latest statistics as of 2016 indicating that about […]
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Why Security Tokens Will Become Popular In 2019

Experts have predicted that in the next 10 years, security tokens could become a multi-trillion dollar market. Security tokens are showing prominence and have already generated interest from crypto enthusiasts. Security tokens are now being perceived as worthy alternatives to ICOS and investors are exploring the substitute. And the crackdown of ICOs in 2018 by […]
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All You Need To Know About Cryptocurrency Trade

Cryptocurrency trade involves purchasing and selling different virtual currencies and exchanging them with other coins or fiat currencies. Although it somehow resembles forex, it’s different in terms of the technology it uses among other things. To get into the Crypto sector, you need a coin, Cryptocurrency exchange, and a wallet. How To Get Your First […]
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