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What Is Blockchain Technology?

The blockchain is a revolutionary technology that was developed by a person or group of people called Satoshi Nakamoto. Although the technology was originally devised for Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, it has gained more areas of potential users, thanks to the technology community. Blockchain technology provides a way for different parties to reach an agreement without the […]
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History Of NEO Currency

The NEO is China’s first open source Blockchain cryptocurrency. The digital currency tags itself as a dispersed network for the smart economy. It also has a goal of being the forerunner in the effort of building a smart economy made up of smart contracts, digital identities, and digital assets. The NEO is strikingly similar to […]
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A Guide To The Monero Cryptocurrency

You have already heard of Bitcoin and Ethereum and by now, and hundreds of other coins each promising to offer an improvement of Bitcoin. Some promise cheaper transactions, others faster. As for Monero, its most unique selling point is anonymity. Thanks to the currency’s cryptography, the sender, receiver and the amount cannot be viewed by […]
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The Cardano Cryptocurrency

Imagine a cryptocurrency that is secure, scalable, governable and interoperable. Sounds like a dream right? Well, the dream is about to come true with third generation Blockchains. Third generation cryptocurrencies are built to include the positive features of the first two generations of Blockchain and a few unparalleled features for an ideal Blockchain like Cardano. […]
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Litecoin Origins And Its Comparison With Bitcoin

Litecoin, commonly known as ‘the silver to bitcoin’s gold’, is a decentralized peer to peer currency released on October 7th 2011 and went live a week later on October 13th. The creator is Charles Lee, a California based software engineer. He not as anonymous as Bitcoin’s Satoshi Nakamoto, although he tries to. However, he is […]
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All You Need To Know About Dash

Investments have gone crazy since the end of 2016 when the pioneer cryptocurrency-bitcoin crossed the 1000 mark. The year seemed great for cryptocurrencies as a whole. The cumulative crypto market stood at $17 billion. Since then, it has tremendously grown. Currently, the market was capped at over $100 billion despite its recent fall in prices. […]
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EOS And How It Works

EOS is a relatively new Blockchain project in the crypto space with an objective of building a network with the capability of handling millions of transactions at a go. The cryptocurrency started on a high note with some very interesting Initial Coin Offering for a number of reasons; First, the EOS ICO ran from 26th […]
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Bitcoin Cash-History And Purpose

Bitcoin Cash: History And Purpose

Bitcoin developers always knew that they would one day encounter a scaling issue. More specifically the size of transaction blocks, being limited to 1MB. It’s not news that the issue reached its climax with substantial delays in transaction processing and limitations regarding the number of the transaction the network processes. And what do users, miners and developers […]
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All You Need To Know About Zcash

Anonymizing transactions in Bitcoin can be quite a headache. There are so many checks before you are sure of anonymity. So, why not use a cryptocurrency that guarantees your total anonymity instead? Some think that anonymity is for criminals, it couldn’t be further from the truth. You can be robbed or even kidnapped when you […]
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Ripple Fundamentals

What many people don’t know is that ripple is not just a currency but a platform as well. Ripple’s protocol is open sourced and is designed for faster and cheaper transactions. Ripple might one day rule international transactions, who knows? Because currency exchanges might soon disappear like Blockbuster stores. The platform also has its own […]
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