The digital online market has been around for a while now, touching every corner of global financial markets and being accepted in addition to other mediums of transactions. There are various platforms that make it easy to transact business online, and a lot of these platforms are aiming to have a share of this competitive market. With institutions all around the globe finally accepting and recognizing the value and reliability of the digital market, its an indicator of just how important digital assets are.

Ripple (XRP) is a remarkable digital platform that is part of the emerging trends in online transactions. Ripple is a digital platform designed to make it easy and fast for online payments, purposely created for enterprise use.

Goal Of XRP

Ripple is an open source Blockchain payment platform, that is reliable, available on demand perfectly designed for liquidity sourcing. It is currently a preferred mode of transaction for banks and online payment providers. It has validators found across the globe, with a definite clear and destined growth path.

Ripple has a permanent reliable and secure ledger of customers transactions details, as a show of proof of work. Its main goal is creating an enabling environment for its clientele to transact, build relations with other financial institutions globally, on demand, fast, cheaper, secure and reliable. It gives a chance to bypass middlemen and other structural inefficiencies, thereby cutting down on transactions costs. Payments made via Ripple platform is irreversible with no chargebacks.


The Ripples idea was first conceived by Jed McCaleb, built and developed by Arthur Britto and David Sharts. Their idea and prototype were incorporated to Ryan Fugger’s online financial services thereby creating Ripple. Ripple was finally introduced into the online marker in 2012. Ripple trades as a native Cryptocurrency referred to as XRP.

Ripple Operarations

Ripple is one of the fastest digital platforms available. As of 15th July 2017, over 50,000 transactions per second were recorded, demonstrating how fast a platform it is compared to other Cryptocurrencies. The consistency in terms of speed and functionality of Ripple has made it an outstanding platform to transact. The Ripple operating systems comprises of Linux, Windows, and MacOS. Ripple has dedicated, experienced and hardworking engineers working round the clock, ensuring efficiency and speed of transactions and also making the platform even better.

Ripple XRP Price Index

XRP is ranked as the second largest Cryptocurrency in terms of market share value and operations. The highest recorded value was recorded at over 3 USD per one XRP in early 2018. The current price index of XRP is at above 0.3 USD. Despite some hitches faced by any digital asset, XRP has maintained stability, scalability and consistency to stay ahead of the competition.


One of the challenges faced by Ripple has been conformity to coinbase listing rules that at times cups digital transactions. Ripple has in all instances tried to remain in the confines of the law, amidst some of the digital legalities issues.

XRP remains one of the fastest digital currencies in terms of availability of funds and ease of transactions.

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