The main work of QProtocol is to create a quantum resistant cryptography on the systems that you use. It creates software that are in great collaboration with top market researchers. All these are done to pursue the objective of coming up with a quantum resistant and open data future. Its main vision is anchored on a post-quantum and open data world. The ultimate dream of QProtocol is to maintain its place at the industry’s forefront.

The Main Features Of QProtocol

QProtocol is the main term that is made up of the entire QApplications. The QApplications are led by QGuard, which is the platform’s flagship program. In addition to that, there is also a decentralized VPN application that the users will get to enjoy. QProtocol has been designed for one sole purpose. The purpose is to exploit all the benefits of a top notch blockchain technology. All these are done through a seamless integration of its main cryptocurrency coin. The coin is known as QCoin. Through this, it is then capable of creating a quantum resistant technology on the user’s system.

QProtocol’s Main Functions

The main work of QProtocol has been anchored on three pillars. The first pillar is research and development, while the second one is blockchain integration. The last one is the day-to-day applications. It basically creates software while collaborating with some of the best researchers in the market. It is also involved in implementing the fast-growing blockchain technology into top software solution. This is how it integrates the blockchain technology. The platform is also known for its widespread real world applications. All its products have been designed to offer innovative solutions. These solutions can be applied to current problems all across the globe.

Quick Recapp About QApplications

It important to note that QApplications are all led by QGuard. The flagship program for this entire platform is to QGuard. On top of that, there are a number of decentralized VPNs that the users on this site can get to enjoy. The decentralized VPN that is used on this site is referred to as the QGuard.


How QCoin Works

The main design of this coin is to come up with a digital network that applies networking as its underlying value. It works just the same manner in which the internet works. All the QCoin transactions are signed using a pseudo-random nomination functionality. This assists in getting rid of the entire 51% attack it is prone to. The macro and micro transaction paths have been made shorter here to enable a quick completion of all the tasks. This coin also ensures that there is scalability and stability. This is done through the use of integrated cryptography. On other cryptocurrencies, quantum computers are now able to obtain private keys from users. but despite all these, QCoin still works perfectly well. At the moment, there is no single cryptocurrency that is entirely distributed. This is as a result of the consensus mechanism.

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