Apart from being the most popular cryptocurrency stablecoin, Tether is the first of its kind. The work of the stablecoins is to mirror the fiat currency’s value. It does this by holding just sufficient reserves to back the supply. Basically, Tether is a digital to fiat currency that can be easily traded at a number of exchanges around.

How to Use Tether

Shapeshift, Kraken, and Bitfinex are just some of the many exchanges where Tether can be traded. It becomes so easy to convert the US Dollars, Japanese Yen, and Euros to their equivalent digital tokens. Alternatively, you can also convert Tether JPY, Tether EURO or Tether USD. They can then be used on any kind of digital trading platform that accepts Tether and the virtual coins. The exchange rate here is usually at 1:1 for all the Tether-supported fiat currencies. It does not matter whether the customer desires to convert money held at their banks into cryptocurrencies or otherwise. It becomes so easy since Tether tokens can still be redeemed for cash. Sending Tether to various Tether wallets does not cost any amount. It is free!

Benefits of Using Tether

The fact that Tether is linked to real-world currencies is one of its great advantages. This implies that it is not volatile. Tether is also tied to the Bitcoin blockchain. This means that it stays on a tested and developed platform as opposed to the new popping platforms. It also has one of the most supportive and great customer services. The other advantage of using Tether is the fee factor. It has a reduced fee process. Transferring from one Tether to another is, however, entirely free. Despite the fact that Tether has not been in the market for a long period, it has a backing of several global partners. Some of the partners that work hand in hand with Tether are SpaceShift, Ambisafe, as well as Poloniex.


The Future of Tether

High volatility is one of the factors that has affected the cryptocurrencies. This is caused by their direct introduction into markets as well as the big industry players’ manipulations. However, stablecoins such as Tether aren’t shielded against the consequences of that kind. The main purpose of Tether is to stabilize the digital coins. Tether is the oldest, and its fall might not be witnessed soon in the market. Its close relationship with the US dollar also shows that it might stay for some time in the market.

Invest in Tether

Tether’s value is greatly pegged to USD, and naturally, its value won’t fall or rise. Tether plays one of the biggest roles in the cryptocurrency exchanges. About four years ago, Tether was the second most traded coins in the entire world. The fact that they are connected with real-world currencies makes it the best choices to invest in. The signup process is very rigorous, and there are a number of documents that users will provide. That offers some sense of security, especially to those who want to join.

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