Kickvard University Is Offering Cryptocurrency Education

Kickvard University Is Offering Cryptocurrency Education

The Kickvard Online University was launched in October 2018 and is offering courses focusing on Cryptocurrencies.

The educational curriculum is designed to equip learners with the skills, knowledge, and experiences to understand how the world of business is evolving around Cryptocurrencies.

The languages of instructions are Vietnamese, English, and Russian. This reflects the lecturer’s backgrounds and also the diverse student population.


The Blockchain Faculty

The online university has only one faculty-Blockchain. The Blockchain faculty is divided into three sections-Kicker Express, Kicker, and Kicker Pro.

Kicker Express Program

This program was launched in December 2018 and has a course duration of 1 week with more than 10 hours of practical information. It has 1 class per day requirement and graduates are given a year’s Kicker’s express license if they pass the final exam. Additionally, the program also includes 1 practical webinar on Sessia.

As at now, 66 students have so for graduated and the number is expected to surge to 500 in the course of the year.

Kicker Program

This program is set to be rolled out in June 2019 to be running for 6 months with at least 30 hours of practical education and 1 daily class. The practical part entails 6 case meetings with industry experts. Further, the program also includes 3 practical webinars on Sessia.

Kicker Pro

The Kicker Pro program is set to be introduced in 2020. It is a 12-month course that includes 70 hours of practical work and 1 class per day. Other course details include 1 on-site training event for Moscow, 6 practical webinars about Sessia, and 12 case-meeting with practicing experts.

Successful graduates are also given a 1-year license for Kicker Pro.

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The Diplomas Are Securely Awarded

The Kickvard University Diplomas are awarded on the Ethereum Blockchain network that a transaction code confirms. This prevents duplication or falsification cases.

Fee Payment

Kickvard Online University only accepts ETH for fees. Students pay 4 ETH, 12 ETH, and 20 ETH for Kicker Express, Kicker, and Kicker Pro programs respectively. The students are advised to open an Ethereum wallet and to buy ETH on exchanges for seamless fee payment.

Introducing The Concept Of Sessia

While key course details such as use-case tutorials, practical information, diploma awards, etc. are relatable to many prospective students, the hands-on tutorials webinar on Sessia is a totally new concept of education.

Learning about Sessia is key to showing the students a real-life use case where Blockchain and Crypto’s are being used to offer a solution.

Sessia is a social network that is based on Blockchain that offers a market place where users can buy and sell whatever they have. It is more advanced than Amazon, AliExpress, Yandex, etc. as it has its own native token-Kicks that allows merchants to offer a cashback reward to their clients in the form of a redeemable Cryptocurrency.


Apart from the loyalty program, convenient marketplace, and CRM for business benefits, Sessia has a virtual automatic telephone feature that allows merchants to reach their global clients and inform clients about offers.

The Team Behind Sessia And Kickvard University

Narek Sirakanyan is the Sessia president and his model is being used by the team of Kickvard University lecturers led by Oleg Abelev from the Russian Academy for Foreign Trade, Charles Cai of the University of California Riverside, Nguen Tien Min of the Vietnam National University, and Yaroslav Kabakov from “FINAM”.

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