Blockchain Investors Summit South Korea 2019

South Korea

Address: Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas.
Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, in Samseong-1(il)-dong, 521 Teheran-ro, South Korea.

The Global Blockchain Foundation is set to convene a World Blockchain Summit dubbed as the World Blockchain Summit South Korea 2019.

The meeting is taking place between on 30th May 2019 at the Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas, in the city of Seoul, South Korea.

The DLT focused conference is targeting Crypto investors, corporate Investors, family offices, private banks, sovereign wealth funds, hedge funds, and institutional investors.

What To Expect

Start-Up Pitch

Startups will be offered with an opportunity to pitch their business models in order to attract partners or customers in their projects. The charges are $3,500 per business and there are only 10 participation spots available at this point.

The process is easy as it can be done online through a simple KYC process involving the provisions of; name of contact person, organization, phone number, email, project whitepaper, location, and LinkedIn details.

Rich Knowledge Will Be Shared

Firstly, a more than 30 Blockchain Speakers will advise the attendees on important aspects of the growing Blockchain technology industry. Blockchain technology is an emerging industry and there are many uncoordinated perspectives of it from different quarters. The speakers will, therefore, harmonize what is already known into concrete, and referable set of ideas.

Secondly, more than 30 profiled investors will delve into the details of how to trade Cryptocurrencies in the otherwise unstable market. This information is critical to venture capitalists, retail buyers, etc.

Thirdly, at least 30 Blockchain Startups will exhibit their business models to the attendees. The use-cases on display will offer a perspective to other attendees about how they can design a DLT solution for their own needs.

Lastly, more than 250 VIP guests will grace the Summit. These are the individuals who can influence trends in different capacities to spur up Crypto and Blockchain adoption at all fronts.


Taking Part In The Summit

Every Blockchain and Cryptocurrency enthusiast has the opportunity to either sponsor the event, speak at the conference, or be an investor to the many startups that will present their Blockchain-solutions on 30th May.

Booking A Spot Is Easy

One can book a spot at the Blockchain Investors Summit South Korea 2019 as early as possible before the slots run out.

There is s standard ticket that goes for only $75. This category has different accesses such as exhibitions, project launch, etc. but excludes luncheon and name printing on accreditation.

The Limited VIP Luncheon and Networking Ticket goes for $100. It is the same as the Women-In-Tech category that goes for $75. The additional benefits include access to networking high tea, access to a fireside chat session, luncheon, and name printing on accreditation, as well as all the properties of the standard category.



The aim of the Blockchain Investors Summit South Korea 2019 is to provide a platform to all the participants from all over the globe to have an interactive session that explores relevant synergies in Blockchain and Crypto industries. It is a forum that intends to reshape DLT and Crypto markets in a way that nurtures growth as well as revolutionize the world.

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