AFX Group

AFX Group

AFX Group is a Forex (foreign exchange) broker that offers the trading services through the MetaTrader 4, as well as Web training platforms. When it comes to the execution model of orders, AFX Group can just be defined as an a-book broker available on the market. AFX Group is focused on offering the trading of indices, currencies, bonds, stocks, as well as commodities.

AFX Group is basically an online forex broker that tends to target audiences across the globe from a number of market sectors. This is what it does as part of its broader business development goal. To ensure that its services are legitimate and professional, AFX Group is regulated by both the CySEC of Cyprus and the FCA in the United Kingdom. It is also important to note that AFX Group runs a forex broker that is referred to as “STO”.

There are three trading brands in which the various ranges of products from AFX Group are offered. They include the following:

• The STO for the CFD and the FX trading services
• The Quantic for portfolio management services as well as a host of other special strategies
• STO affiliates for the potential partners

By making sure that all their operations are diversified, the services provided by AFX Group have been tailored to ensure that they meet the customers’ needs. Some of the major features that make this trading exchange the best in the market is superior trading services as well as customer-centric strategy.

About the STO


STO is best suited for a retail customer who is looking for ways to trade the CFDs and the FX on various classes. This might include the interest rate products, commodities, indices, as well as the equities. STO will offer you access to company’s organizational level platform known as the AFX Fast, and MetaTrader 4, which is the leading trading platform in the whole market. Customers would also get access to a wide variety of mobile solutions that suit their requirements.

In a nutshell, STO is an international online trading provider. As noted earlier, it offers the traders access to a number of services. They include bond markets, commodity, equity and stock index. It offers all these services on its strong AFX Fast platforms as well as the MT4.

About the Quantic

This is a service that has mainly been put up for the institutional investors as well as the high net worth traders. This team is made up of professionals in the area of quantitative and systematic strategies for the most sophisticated investors. The managed account holders will be able to achieve the following; the Quantic service offers top range incubation and asset management services to both the individual as well as the institutional investors all across the supported countries. Quantic has a great support from a professional analysis and research team that is entirely committed to creating long term value to the investors.
• Diversify their portfolio
• Invest in a number of investments found in the package
• Get professional risk management services

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