CryptoProfile is one of the top ranking blockchain marketing organization that is focused on creating a consolidated airdrop platform for the Initial Coin Offering market. The main aim of the platform is to link ICOs projects with a huge number of crypto traders, with various services that would improve the marketing campaigns. The platform would be involved in four main areas, namely Bounties, Airdrops, Education, as well as the opportunities Investment.

Problems that CryptoProfile Seeks to Solve

The CryptoProfile is trying to solve the following two main issues, with the help of its airdrop platform:

The shady Initial Coin Offering practices – The ICO market is so full of shady practices, Ponzi schemes, scams that prey on vulnerable partakers in the crypto market. The absence of the market regulations makes it simple for the Initial Coin Offering projects with bad intent to skip the schemes. In other words, the ICO’s high failure rates are a result of the lack of the viability of the project.


The unreliable mechanisms of the airdrop – In the entire crypto market, the airdrops have been a special industry with the core function of distributing the tokens from the ICO projects to the masses for marketing and publicity purposes. The current airdropping systems are, however, very unreliable, particularly for those who have financial incentives such as referrers, partners, writers, as well as the marketers. These are what will improve the publicity and the exposure of the ICO.

The Applications of CryptoProfile

The main objective of this blockchain marketing agency is to streamline the entire airdropping process. It plans on doing this while preserving a strong standard of business practice. This would be possible due to the fact that the success of the platform directly correlates with the success of the Initial Coin Offerings within the ecosystem.

The Due Diligence Mechanism

All the ICO projects will have to undergo thorough screening to make sure that they comply with the standards set by CryptoProfile. The due diligence mechanism includes factors such as technology, business viability, token economies, coin utility, regulation, and the team.

CryptoProfile Unique Selling Points

Novel Economic System – As noted earlier, CryptoProfile appears among the initial crypto trading platforms that tend to focus more on the creation of an integrated airdrop platform to be used for the Initial Coin Offerings. CryptoProfile naturally links the stakeholders’ interests with the ICO projects that have been listed. This enables it to get great marketing exposure from the wide network of investors who have the CP, the native coin of CryptoProfile. The holders of the coin are financially motivated to also grow the marketing manifestation of the Initial Coin Offering projects within the entire system. This is done through the integrated system of the airdrop.

The Team

CryptoProfile was incorporated in Singapore, and that is where all its team members are based. The team is headed by Max Ng and has a total of seven members. Max has a wide experience having been in the cryptocurrency market since 2012. In his past endeavors, he has been focusing on cryptocurrency trading and education.

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