The Cold TRON And Ethereum War


The ultimate objective of TRON is becoming the largest and most preferred cryptocurrency world over. But before reaching the peak, TRON will need to surpass Ethereum in all aspects. And there is no secret formula to this, the TRON network will need to be broader, faster and better than its arch nemesis.

Although the two network’s founders may not be on each other’s throats their rivalry is open. Ethereum’s creator Vitalik Butelin is evidently worried about the progress TRON has made since announcing the purchase of BitTorrent in 2018. Since the deal, TRON has been generating incredible growth statistics and attracting mainstream attention.

TRON is fast becoming a favourable alternative to Ethereum and it’s just a matter of time before the tables turn. But Ethereum still has more cards to play.

Expectations Into 2019

The TRON vs Ethereum match build-up has been on for quite some time and 2019 is the year the two finally enter the boxing ring. Ethereum may have the upper hand but this match won’t end up in one round knockout. TRON, the underdog will definitely give Ethereum a run for its money. The two crypto coins have already begun the year with a shared main objective of outperforming each other.

In all honesty, TRON will need to give it’s everything in order to surpass Ethereum. By everything, we mean pull strings and attract a buying surge, big enough to surpass Ethereum by market cap. However, there are signs that TRON is creeping closer to Ethereum.

The Publicity Card

The growing popularity of TRON is its number one weapon against Ethereum. TRON will keep on publicizing each milestone it surpasses for it to garner more attention and drive upwards its projects and popularity.

On the other hand, Ethereum has more cards to play in order to prevent the takeover. While TRON has been using publicity to its advantage, Ethereum has been quiet all along. The network is yet to reveal any cards up its sleeve at this stage. The network is sure garnering up energy and is waiting for the right moment to strike.

Good publicity does drive traffic and token price. While Ethereum is rather quiet and TRON’s constant reporting on movements and news gives it an edge over and closer to Ethereum. If Ethereum would apply the same approach, it would create lots of attention, probably more than what TRON is garnering at the moment. All Ethereum needs is a little transparency on the movements and its users will definitely respond.

The Development Card

Development is another card that will come into play. The TRON network is constant on the dapp space, allowing the development of decentralized apps to boost the value of the network. Meanwhile, Ethereum is slow on this area and is withholding its capacity of developing its network. There is so much more that Ethereum can achieve if it could pick up the pace inspired by TRON.

In a nutshell, TRON is showing boldness in the crypto space and its efforts are not going futile. On the other hand, Ethereum needs to get out of its comfort zone and pick up TRON’s pace. It should be exciting to watch.


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    April 28, 2024 - 4:20 pm

    Can you be more specific about the content of your article? After reading it, I still have some doubts. Hope you can help me.

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