Tennis Star Wozniacki Becomes The Latest Athlete To Release A Virtual Currency


Another sports star Carolina Wozniacki has announced plans to launch her Cryptocurrency. The Danish tennis player will collaborate with the Global Crypto Offering Exchange (GCOX) in this project. Other celebrities who have worked with this company for similar reasons include boxer Manny Pacquiao, ex-soccer star Michael owner, and singer Jason Derulo.

Wozniacki To Launch A Coin


Carolina Wozniacki, a famous Danish tennis player has said that she will be introducing her virtual currency soon. The athlete was speaking in Singapore during the signing of the agreement with Global Crypto Offering Exchange (GCOX), the company that will be involved in this project. She is the country for the WTA Finals, where she will be competing against top-ranked women tennis players.

During the signing of this deal in the island, Woznicki said she is proud to be the first female athlete to launch her Crypto. She added that she looks forward to expanding and leveraging on this opportunity before more stars join in. The tennis ace is happy that she will get an opportunity to interact with her fans around the world at a new level.

More Celebrities Launching Their Coins

GCOX has emerged as the favorite platform for athletes, musicians, and other celebrities wishing to launch their virtual currencies. The website has been hailed for enabling famous people to reach their fans and capitalize on their popularity through the sale of their coins. Jeffrey Lin, the company’s CEO has been on the forefront encouraging celebrities around the world to get into the Crypto sector to enhance their relationship with their fans and to get another source of income.

GCOX as already partnered with other celebrities to help them to launch their Cryptocurrencies. Manny Pacquiao and Michael Owen are some of the celebrities that have chosen to work with this company in this project. The two are listed as private investors together with Sheikh Khaled bin Zayed al-Nahyan from Abu Dhabi’s ruling family. Jason Daluro has also approached the company for the release of his coin.

Lin said the first celebrity altcoin will be ready as early as next year. He added that he is unsure whether it is Manny’s or Michael’s coin that will be ready first. However, he confirmed that if everything goes on as planned, the first coin will be ready in the first quarter of next year.

The Benefits Of Celebrity Tokens

Once the celebrity tokens are ready, GCOX will list them. These coins cannot be bought using fiat currencies or other Cryptocurrencies. The company has said prospective purchasers will first buy the exchange’s coin, the Acclaim Token ACM which they will exchange for their favorite celebrity token. This coin was only recently launched. According to the company’s CEO, they hope to mobilize between $300 and $600 million.

Celebrity tokens are expected to benefit both the celebrities and their fans. According to GCOX, the buyers of these Cryptocurrencies will get a chance to interact with their preferred celebrities and will get exclusive merchandise. The celebrities, in turn, will receive proceeds from the sale of these digital assets. The more the coins are sold, the higher the proceeds these athletes will get.

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