Crypto-Social Media Combining Projects

Crypto-Social media

The innovative nature of cryptocurrencies makes it easy for the modern day person to adopt the technology. Social media integrating crypto support is not a common thing. However, the few existing ones have been receiving immense support which is not commonly found in other platforms.

Today’s piece, we focus on projects that have attempted, or are planning to attempt the option. Their success may be guaranteed but, it appears that there is a market for these kinds of projects.

Steemit’s Ups And Downs

The project was initially touted as the go-to content creation platform for text post and other contents. The project has already experienced both highs and lows at various points of its journey. While many people may have made profits while the project was on its peak in the initial stages, the excitement disappeared in 2018 during the bearish run. As a result of the collapse in the crypto market, the company was forced to lay off some of its workers.

It might seem like a major setback, but the company still has more to offer in 2019. Steemit promises to offer and allow users to make money when user posts are valued. The downvoting and upvoting is like that of Reddit, while Posts are reminiscent of Facebook. Now, the lack of sufficient votes ultimately means no money is earned.

Earn Vs Linkedin

The platforms use is true to its name. It lets the users earn money as they use the application. Its contents are created in such a straight forward manner .The platform makes it possible for anyone to create a micro-task for others to complete. In the end, the ones completing tasks earn smaller amounts of money. Earn certainly doesn’t promise you overnight success. However, it’s worth checking out, especially after it has just agreed with  Coinbase.

Earn has various options and among them is paid emails. And it’s as easy as its sound. All you need do is open an email and receive them for small awards. This may not be a common means, but it does earn you additional revenue, the revenue you didn’t have. Now, whether it will eventually replace linkedIn as a professional platform, it’s yet to be determined.

Nimses And Odd Approaches

A quick glance at Nimses site and you wouldn’t have thought that the project would get this far. Terms used in the platforms would make you think it is cult based. But that doesn’t mean that the project should be dismissed. The Nimses project could effectively bridge the gap between crypto and social media that is lurking.

Voice Powered By Block One

Expectations are high for voice by the block one team. The company has invested highly on the voice project, a tune of $150 million. The platform is currently available on beta and is working to ensure there are no bots that are active on voices.


The process of ensuring this is done via an authentication process that might be intrusive for some users. At the same time, users can learn voice tokens daily while more is earned gathering likes on contents shared. Tokens can be spent on the promotion of posts.

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