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Blockchain Powered Casinos; How They Work

Casinos have always been magical. The house is always winning, and they don’t bother hiding this fact from you. Nights in Las Vegas are like no other. Caesars palace is always on full swing on Friday nights with crowds, yachts and fireworks. How Casinos Work Just like the genius concepts that humans have come up […]
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Obstacles To Bitcoin’s Full Legalization

It’s been a decade since the world’s first cryptocurrency was created. The world changed ever since. Early buyers became rich instantly when they sold it in late 2017 when bitcoin was at its peak. The main question continues to be; when will bitcoin become legal? Wikipedia says the flagship currency is legal in most of […]
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provably fair

Blockchain And Provably Fair Gaming

Betting sites and online casinos have been on the scene since the mid-90s. The convenience of playing at home, the allure of winning and a degree of privacy have attracted many to these sites as they continue to evolve. But the ride hasn’t been as smooth as you may think. The industry has not been […]
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Blockchain For Engineers

Blockchain is the technology underlying cryptocurrencies. Businesses are looking into its use cases. And quite a number have emerged. The same have been applied in different sectors of the economy. Health, energy, supply chain are among the beneficiaries of blockchain. Engineering use case has been proposed as well. Implementation however is nonexistent in the early […]
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Bitcoin And Bitcoin Futures

By now, the term bitcoin is familiar to a considerable number of people. Some have only heard of it, some know it’s a cryptocurrency or a digital currency, whichever name they chose to use. According to Bitcoin as a technology, is a protocol that has a strong security track record and the underlying bitcoin […]
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Blockchain-technology in Industries

Major Industries Where Blockchain Technology Can Be Applied

There are numerous other sectors that can use blockchain to improve their operations. Essentially, blockchain began as the core component of cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and blockchain. Blockchain technology by definition is a virtual ledger that can record and verify a huge amount of digital transactions. This technology is now being adopted in many different […]
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How Blockchain Startups Can Appeal To Enterprises

It’s hard for enterprises not to see and contemplate using blockchain. But more often than not, companies don’t want to take on the challenge of exploring blockchain solutions with their business partners. A recent global blockchain survey says that 74% of organizations feel compelled to use blockchain network in improving efficiency. Only 34% have taken […]
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National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Appoints ProximaX for Its Blockchain Services

ProximaX appointed by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) of Malaysia to blockchain NIOSH’s certification process. NIOSH was established as a company limited by guarantee on 24th June 1992 by the Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysia. NIOSH’s function is to provide training, consultation services, disseminate information, and conduct research in the field […]
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Amazon’s Centralized And Decentralized Solutions

The upcoming launch of the new currency-the Libra coin has brought to light debates over the differences and benefits between the centralized and decentralized blockchains and cryptocurrencies. There is a pending debate about the Libra coin itself, whether it should be classified as a cryptocurrency or not. The centralized nature of Libra is causing quite […]
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