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The Looming Stablecoins War

One of the biggest news this year is the announcement of the upcoming launch of the Facebook Libra coin project. A group of companies have come together to manage a basket of fiat currencies. They will maintain the digital token as a stable and redeemable value. The token not only follows the idea of stablecoins […]
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crypto revolution

The Crypto Finance Revolution

Cryptocurrencies are taking the online community by storm. There is no denying that virtual currencies are setting new standards in regards to user convenience and efficiency. They have become viable financial options for users looking for affordability and efficiency in transaction processing. This article explores ways which cryptocurrencies are looking to increase their dominance and […]
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Will Brexit Affect Bitcoin?

The UK voted itself out of the EU in June 2016. The results were a shocker for crypto investors. They were no longer certain of their future in the next two years. The news caused the pound to drop to 1.36 up from 1.42. Crypto prices and bitcoin in particular, rose at the same time […]
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Top Crypto Performers Of The Week

According to Binance research, bitcoin has rallied alongside other crypto assets considered safe havens. Bitcoin is slowly gaining acceptance as a hedge against political issues and monetary easing by banks. Bitwise, in a letter to investors explained that all the attention brought by Libra coin has forwarded the public discourse on crypto by two to […]
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google searches

Bitcoin Experiences Incredible Google Searches Resulting In High Hashing Power

Bitcoin statistics have been fascinating lately. July has seen fluctuating prices for Bitcoin. Other volatile statistics have heightened the uncertainty surrounding Bitcoin’s future. The most amazing of these statistics include the Google search trends, hashrate, and transaction volume. Bitcoin has commanded more worldwide Google searches than stocks. In the global finance world, Bitcoin has beaten […]
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Binance coin

The Three Altcoins Showing Strength Against Bitcoin

In the last couple of days, bitcoin has been trying hard to put together a significant run. But its efforts have been futile. Every attempt to bounce back is being pushed back by a ceiling wall. The flagship cryptocurrency is drowning further beyond the $9,000 support level. The good news however, is that the weakening […]
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Satoshi Nakamoto

Why Satoshi Doesn’t Want To Be Found

We just have to come to terms with the fact that Satoshi Nakamoto may never be found. Satoshi has beaten incredible odds in hiding and staying anonymous, a fete that is yet to be replicated for a public figure in the 21st century. Many may have come out and claimed to be the real Satoshi […]
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