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Best Time For Cryptocurrencies?

The cryptocurrency environment has been quite undesirable for many traders the past two years. Many of these traders have lost interest and many have been reduced to spectators, watching crypto development from the sidelines. Despite these shortcomings, the industry has been evolving and ticking, all along. After the hullabaloo of ICOs and two year downswing […]
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Crypto investing

Crypto Investing Tips

We are in that season again, where crypto prices increase proportionately with popularity. It’s 2019, and you can buy a digital currency as easily as accessing an exchange site. And more people are interested in cryptocurrencies, nearly as many as during the 2017 crypto boom. As the crypto craze continues, we thought it wise to […]
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Bitcoin price going up

Reasons Bitcoin Price Is Going Up

Before we begin exploring possible reasons for bitcoin’s upsurge, we have to acknowledge one factor. Bitcoin has a finite supply. There can only be a supply of 21 million bitcoins ever. It’s a crucial factor in understanding why bitcoin is rising in value today. Now, we can never really know all the factors that contributed […]
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Crypto accounting

Crypto Accounting for CPAs

Being a qualified accountant doesn’t necessarily mean that you are great at managing crypto assets. The truth is that crypto accounting needs an entire set of evolving skills and knowledge. It’s unlike the typical CPA, you know. You will find that even if you toe the legal line, without crypto expertise, CPA alone won’t help […]
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Crypto hacking

Stay Safe From Crypto Hacking

Crypto hacking is a long-standing problem in the industry. The problem has been a persisting issue since crypto’s inception. And the fact that there are no means of dispute resolution is a huge contributing factor. But that’s not the only reason why crypto hacking still rocks the industry. The lack of laws and regulations in […]
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Bitcoin Price May Go Beyond $20,000

Bitcoin is setting new yearly highs, and the question on everyone’s mind is if the trend will continue the rest of the year. So far, since February the first positive month, bitcoin has been on the rise most of the time. Analysis by experts like Tom Lee have pointed out that the rise of bitcoin’s […]
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Bitcoin price rise

Bitcoin Surpasses $11,000

Bitcoin, for the first time in over 13 months tasted prices above $11,000 before a quick correction. The flagship cryptocurrency extended its recent gains as a benefit of a sustained momentum initiated earlier in the year. Before 9 am on Saturday, bitcoin hit $11,190. According to CoinDesk, this was the first time in over 13 […]
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Crypto energy consumption

Crypto Energy Consumptions: Why You Shouldn’t Worry

A few weeks ago, the cryptocurrency space was shocked with reports on the crypto mining energy demands. According to the report, crypto mining consumes the same amount of electricity as Ireland does in a year. It’s a decade into the cryptocurrency era, and power demands have shown no signs of ceasing. Rather, they are growing […]
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Blockchain human resource

Blockchain In Human Resources

A study by Deloitte survey approximates that crypto interest has increased by 2000% since 2013. The blockchain industry is growing in acceptance, and the late 2017 crypto boom is to blame for the rapid surge. The recent times have especially been the most interesting for cryptocurrencies as the technology has steadily infiltrated the energy, finance, […]
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