Telegram ICO/Blockchain Project Management 101


Telegram is very essential in today’s crypto space. Since most crypto enthusiasts are on Telegram, it’s thus the best way for any ICO or Blockchain project to actively engage members.

Why the crypto community prefers Telegram? It is a cheaper communication means and you can communicate without revealing your identity.

Companies out there may be wondering how to manage Telegram accounts for their crypto or Blockchain projects. Below are a few tips that can help you out.

Don’t Buy Members

Its better having 500 active members who believe in your project than having thousands inactive and fake members.

We know Telegram community members with a thousand followings but when it comes to engaging, only a few show up. Don’t be like them. Engage your small audience and see your community grow.

Get Close To Members

The best way to help your Telegram channel grow is knowing your team members personally in terms of who they are and where they come from. Knowing them this way will enable you to know how to make them feel at home. Engage them on all matters whether project related or personal and you build a bond that is hard to shake.

It’s all about winning their trust. Connecting with members wins their hearts digitally and when you do so, you have won the game.

Provide Real Value

What’s the use of a communication channel when there is no information being disseminated? Provide useful information to your members, information that adds value.

Infographic are great at disseminating information in an attracting and engaging format. The contemporary society has grown fond of infographics as a way of communicating sophisticated information.

You should also make sure you answer all your members’ queries, or at least appear to be trying to. By doing so, they know that you have their best interest at heart and it counts in the long run.

Seek Feedback From Members

Often seek to know what members think of your project in its various stages. Seek true opinion regarding your project and where you can improve.

That’s why we insisted on having real members in the first place. True members give insights and tell you what’s going on well and what is not. It even makes the community lively and engaging when there is a discussion on the matter.

It also has the benefit of empowering members by making them feel they have a say in your project.

Reply Fast And Be Transparent

We all know how a slow reply can quickly turn off someone in a good mood. Don’t make your member wait for your reply.


But in as much as you are looking ASAP, be truthful and transparent. If for some reason you are late in your deadline, communicate reasons for your late deadline. If you are raising funds, tell them where they will be directed to.

Engage Members And Reward Them

By now, we know the importance of an engaged audience. One of the ways to engage them is doing daily quizzes, about 2-3 a day regarding your project and then reward them based on answers given. It lets you know their level of commitment towards your project.

It would also be great if you rewarded old members for showing loyalty. It encourages them to guide new people in.


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