Early Adopters Of BTC Build A Seasteading Home In Thai’s Coast


The virtual currency interest has been interconnected to so many things. A desire to shape the future for the better is one of the things it has been interlinked to. It has also been connected to a great passion for personal freedom. But now, a team of Bitcoin early adopters is doing something great in the industry. They are building a sea homestead somewhere off the coast of Thailand.

$150,000 For The Private Seasteading Home

The Seasteading Institute has gone ahead to release a short video documentary on its main YouTube channel. In the video, details of the upcoming project have been revealed. The video shows the establishment of a not-so big Seasteading that is built by the crypto early adopters. It lies 12 miles off the coast of Thailand’s Phuket city.

The installation is currently occupied by a couple. They are called Nadia Summergirl and Chad Elwartowski. The couple had long wanted to move this idea from just a meager concept to something that is true. The dwelling was funded by Bitcoin early adopters through the profits they had accumulated all the years they have been in the industry. The seastead cost them to a tune of $150,000. They had earlier planned that the project would cost them to a tune of $120,000, but it went up to $30,000 more.

Word From The Seasteading Construction Crew

Chad Elwartowski, one of the couples who later occupied up the installment has narrated how the journey has been. They were forced to add some more money to ensure that the project completed well. Ocean Builders were the team that was tasked with ensuring that the project was done and completed within the shortest time possible. They have stated that $150,000 was the target minimum cost of coming up with such a facility. The bare bones facility also cost an amount in that region.

However, they have also stated that a tune of $200,000 is the best budget and the cost for such a facility. With such an amount, you will get a move-in ready seastead. That would even come with a nice solar electric system, kitchen and even water system.

Seasteading: Moving From French Polynesia To Thailand

Seasteading is basically a combination of two words – sea and homestead. It is a concept of coming up with permanent homestead at sea. This is done beyond the control of the territories of the governments of the day. It is the hope of the promoters that one day there would be large autonomous Seasteading cities that would be recognized as states in their rights.


On 2018 May, a Seasteading project had reached a memorandum of understanding with the French Polynesia. The main aim here was to come up with independent island with its own virtual coin. As part of that project, the couple had been waiting to create their first seastead. They, however, opted to do it alone when the project suddenly stalled. They have to go and do it in Thailand.

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