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Bitcoin price going up

Reasons Bitcoin Price Is Going Up

<p align="justify">Before we begin exploring possible reasons for <a href="https://dailyiconews.com/crypto-news/why-bitcoin-works/sammitchell/2019/06/04/" target="_blank">bitcoin</a>’s upsurge, we have to acknowledge one factor. Bitcoin has a finite...</p>
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Institutional investors

Institutional Investors Are Already Into Crypto

<p align="justify">We have explored, time and time again; the adoption of crypto in a myriad of industries; In <a href="https://dailyiconews.com/2019/03/28/blockchain-in-the-health-sector/">health</a>, finance, <a href="https://dailyiconews.com/2019/03/27/using-blockchain-to-restore-the-oil-industry/">oil</a> etc. we have...</p>
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