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Coincoin Now Accepting BCH

<p><a href="">Coincoin</a>, one of the leading <a href="" target="_blank">mining</a> parts suppliers in Venezuela, has announced that it will now be accepting <a href="">BCH</a>.</p> <p>Venezuela...</p>
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Crypto Governance Models

Popular Crypto Governance Models

<p align="justify">Many <a href="" target="_blank">cryptocurrencies</a> don’t do well. Not because of the technology behind them but merely because of the organizational...</p>
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Selecting The Best Cryptocurrency Mining Hardware Today

<p align="justify">The on-going Cryptocurrency bear market has affected other aspects of the sector such as <a href="" target="_blank">mining</a>. When <a href="" target="_blank">Bitcoin</a> and other...</p>
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Why Are Cryptos Dropping?

<p align="justify">Back when <a href="" target="_blank">Bitcoin</a> went close to $20,000, there was nothing stopping it from going mainstream. A year later, today, it’s ...</p>
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