Simon Cocking Discusses Facebook Coin, Bitcoin, And More

Simon Cocking

Simon Cocking while appearing in an interview with Dailyiconews gives an interesting perceptive about the growing significance of technology in redefining the modern world.

The ICO advisor is also the Editor-in-Chief at CryptoCoinNews, the Senior Editor at Irish Tech News, a Blockchain business mentor, and an accomplished public speaker with years of experience.

Popular Topics In The Crypto Economy

Interest In Bitcoin Is On The Rise

As editor-in-chief of Coin News, Simon divulges that interest in Bitcoin is at sky-high levels. Both long term investors and short term are excited about the Crypto and some “want to know when Bitcoin will be worth $100k” while others are focused on the growth of Blockchain.

In regards to Bitcoin recovery, Simon Cocking predicts that BTC would regain its $20,000 peak value again. However, he decries the sharks/whales who are always manipulating the market for their own gains. He, however, cautions short term buyers that they may not gain from BTC investment as only investors of the pre-2017 boom can benefit from short-lived price surges.

Mass Crypto Adoption Being Held Back By Market Manipulation

Simon Cocking, when responding to the question of why the anticipated mass adoption is yet to occur, points to market manipulation as the causal factor. He says that too few people hold the bulk of Cryptos which enables the few investors to leverage gaming strategies to maximize their gains. This moral hazard locks up many new prospective investors from buying Cryptos.

Other factors hindering mass adoption, according to Simon Cocking, include; lack of security guarantee equivalents on fiat pairs from banks, security flaws where exchanges get hacked and Tokens worth billions stolen, long passwords, UX issues, and more. As it stands, the Crypto economy is a “wild west”.

Nonetheless, regulation at government-echelons can level the playing field for all investors to encourage mass adoption. Countries such as the US, UK, Japan, China, Georgia, Estonia, Malta, Singapore, South Korea, and France are on course to enacting policies that promote Blockchain and Crypto development, however, much still remains to be done to streamline Crypto and Blockchain regulation.


Facebook Coin Is Designed To Be A Game Changer In The Crypto Economy

Further, another substantial development that has the potential to be a gamechanger in the Crypto industry is the soon-to-be-deployed Facebook Coin. The Token is set to be deployed on a Blockchain-enhanced WhatsApp platform and later Instagram and Messenger.

With an active user base of about 1.5 billion people and a further another 1 billion on WhatsApp, Facebook Coin is projected to be adopted by billions of people bringing them to the Crypto economy.

Meanwhile, Facebook has a lot of work to do to clear its tainted image following cases of data misuse that may hinder the adoption of the Crypto over privacy and data security fears.

Blockchain’s Role In The Green Energy Revolution

The Democratic Party of the US is proposing to hold a #ClimateDebate where party leaders will air their views on how a solution to the environmental crisis can be achieved.

On the other hand, Blockchain adoption in the management of decentralized microgrids that produce renewable energy is on the rise. Therefore, DLT is a fundamental asset in the long-term plan to generate 100% of power from sustainable eco-friendly resources such as waves, solar, and wind which are abundant in supply.


About Simon Cocking

When answering about his journey in life and the events that have led him to be a Blockchain enthusiast. Simon refers to his life progression where he started in teaching, arts, and sports professionals having studied History BA and Economics MA in the 90s.

Between 2010 and 2014, after years of living and working in North and Central America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, Simon studies software engineering and digital marketing which shapes his new path of informing the world about Blockchain and other life-changing technologies.

For example, on the matter of Blockchain, he refers to the technology as a global and decentralized option of measuring microtransactions between peers and storing data. Blockchain ledgers are immutable and its decentralization nature secures the servers from cyber-attacks.

Irish Tech News Has A Mission Of Spreading Information About Different Technologies

Simon Cocking’s passion for Blockchain inspires him to serve as a Senior Editor at the Irish Tech News. He reveals that he looks forward to tech stories that transform people’s lives in a positive way.

Under his involvement, Irish Tech news is setting an example of how technology can be leveraged to overhaul internal operations. This is because the platform liaised with Servecentric and created a solution for identifying audience locations. The partnership is enabling Irish Tech news to plan beyond 2019 by leveraging learning needs of their diverse readers. Hence, enterprises and individuals can embrace different types of technology such as Blockchain to remain competitive and to raise the profitability of their business models.


Meanwhile, Irish Tech News is on course to hit a milestone of delivering 1000 tech news in 3 months. Blockchain, Crypto, AI, IoT, 5G, renewables, sustainable techs news are attracting a huge interest from readers meaning that technology is taking center-stage of people’s lives.


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