Why Satoshi Doesn’t Want To Be Found

Satoshi Nakamoto

We just have to come to terms with the fact that Satoshi Nakamoto may never be found. Satoshi has beaten incredible odds in hiding and staying anonymous, a fete that is yet to be replicated for a public figure in the 21st century. Many may have come out and claimed to be the real Satoshi Nakamoto. Their greed for attention betray them. They have quickly been brushed off.

We look at some of the reasons why he chooses to stay anonymous and why it may remain so for a long time.

Bitcoin’s Massive Disruption

The concept of bitcoin for a very long time was thought to be impossible to implement and quite frankly, even now, people are still confused over what to do with bitcoin.

It was until he announced the possibility of a peer to peer interaction system- blockchain technology that the possibility came to light. Many still don’t understand the concept of cryptocurrencies, and bitcoin’s emergence is still a shock to them.

Many Countries Have Banned Bitcoin, Making Satoshi An Enemy

Countries where cryptocurrencies are banned, Satoshi is a public enemy. You have to comprehend some of bitcoin’s core objectives- the elimination of central authorities. Perhaps the reason why authorities are looking to do away with bitcoin. You see, control is very important to these regimes and allowing bitcoin to operate, they fear, will cause a slow death to institutions with financial power and control.

In practice, bitcoin gives the power back to individuals by eliminating the middlemen and costs incurred by the same. This means bitcoin has more enemies than friends, same as Satoshi.

Big Banks Will Go After Nakamoto

If there are guys who always get what they want it’s the big banks of the world. And there is one person on their radar who is threatening to take away what they have earned earnestly. And that’s satoshi Nakamoto. So you would imagine what they would do if he were to be found.

There’s no way big banks would let him be. They will give everything they have to get him. And they have quite a big arsenal. They are still trying to figure out how to get rid of bitcoin and the altcoin family. They may even try to get control over blockchain technology. But guess what, they won’t be able to.


Criminals Will Be All Over Him

Criminals may be another reason Satoshi is in hiding. You know how bad guys to do things. They have already tried using bitcoin’s pseudonymity in their business. It hasn’t worked for them quite yet. So, they might do the next big thing if they found out where he is.

Kidnap him and ‘convince’ him to create a technology that will allow them do their dirty business. Satoshi is probably pondering on this and that’s why he is choosing to stay anonymous.

Governments Too Want Him

The government is always trying to get top minds working in security agencies and elsewhere. When they take hold of the geniuses, their discoveries never go public. They would definitely want a piece of him when he resurfaces. But luckily he hasn’t and isn’t planning to.

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