The Awaited Launch Of Delta 2.0 Is Here

delta direct

Delta, a leading cryptocurrency portfolio application finally released the much-awaited update this week. The update dubbed Delta 2.0 is expected to push Delta further into the crypto space. The release gives the platform an upper hand when it comes to a quality connection between people in the network.

It was just in September 2018 when Delta launched Delta direct which is a link connecting token teams with existing and potential investors. The Delta direct link enables its users the first to get information about the breakthroughs in asset technologies, receive investor communications among other services first hand from the sources.

Fast forward 3 months later and the project is already a success. At least 350 token teams have joined the program already and in return over 5,000 directs are being sent on a monthly basis.

Get Quality Insights, The Fastest Way

Nicolas Van Horde, the CEO of the Delta program says that the program is all about delivering the best and in the fastest way possible for subscribers to get information and insights about various token teams they are interested in.

The release of Delta 2.0 is a follow up on the success of its predecessor. The new version brings forth new restyling of the light mode and the headline which goes entirely to a new section, news & direct built upon newly introduced follow the system.

Personalized Feeds Makes It Different

The news & direct is a feed in the direct Delta updates and contains articles from trusted sources. Following the cryptocurrency you are interested in dynamically changes the feeds and smartly recommends teams you should follow based on your navigation behavior.

Filip Minev, CTO at Delta feels that Delta feed is unique from other feeds. Its personalization feature makes it different from others. The collaborating filtering algorithm enables personalization of the news and feeds to make sure the contents given a priority are most relevant to the audiences.

The platform is smartly engineered to make feeds unique to their users in the order articles first appear. These articles are related to the users’ portfolio assets, interests and activity. The program also allows for new ways for publicizing new token teams and rewarding projects that deliver noteworthy updates.

delta direct

The fact that the current situation has larger market cap coins receiving wider coverage in the current market gives Delta an added advantage. Filip clarifies that Delta eliminates this gap by prioritizing the lower market caps just as it does to the larger market caps and levels the playing ground.

Delta 2.0 tries to strike a balance between project updates and editorial contents by combining Delta direct and news in one platform, thereby, the name news and direct.

Delta 2.0 Partners

The Delta platform has already partnered with Sludgefeed, CCN, Cryptoglobe and Cryptobriefing for trustworthy and high-quality news contents for the app. The project is still in its early stages of development. Nicolas Van Horde summarizes by saying that he believes the platform can contribute and accelerate growth by bringing together token teams, investors and companies together in a platform where everyone is equally involved.

The update is already available for Android and iOS free to download.

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