Students Can Now Pay Fees In Cryptos At A French Business School

Students Can Now Pay Fees In Cryptos At A French Business School

Financial Business School, the leading French college that offers post-graduate studies in financial and blockchain technology, has now given its students an opportunity to pay their fees in Bitcoin. From the time the measure was introduced by the college, close to half a dozen learners have been able to pay their fees in Bitcoin for the 2018 academic year.

Students Can Now Pay Fees In Cryptos

Relief To International Students


Nearly a quarter of the students that are enrolled at Financia Business School are foreigners, and several of them have to pay extra for the punitive and complex money transfer costs. The acceptance of Bitcoin as a form of fees payment, therefore, makes it easier for international students to reduce these costs and do their transactions with much ease. For the Bitcoin transactions, the students will use Coin Capital, a startup that has been mainly designed for the blockchain technology and digital assets.

Coin Capital has a signed a partnership deal with Financia Business School to ensure that the fee payment process in the institution is greatly improved. Adan Hasib, who is the latest beneficiary of this new project has narrated how he had to look for the Cryptos to enable him to pay for the fees. Having obtained his first Bitcoins in 2017, Adam Hasib relishes how he was able to enroll for his course while being offered added value on its virtual coin investment. He, however, had to get in touch with the administration to obtain his wallet address before he could be in a position of making the payments.

Blockchain Offerings To Be Deepened By The Institution

As both the Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency continue to gain international traction, Financia Business School wants to deepen the blockchain offerings to its students. The learning institution has stated that it is greatly committed to embracing emerging technologies that are within the financial department leading to its early creation of the Blockchain curriculum. The institution is set to compliment the Crypto fee facility with a myriad of Blockchain-inspired management improvements.

These new innovations will include the introduction of a token that will be used for the payment of services within the college as well as other partner institutions, as well as the reinforcement of courses that are linked to the blockchain technology. Other innovations would include the introduction of proof of concept around the blockchain projects by and for the students, the ICO – Initial Coin Offerings and a myriad of other issues.

One Out Of The Few

The adoption of digital assets fees by Financia Business School makes it one of the few institutions of higher learnings that have shown a great interest in both Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. In the UK, the London School of Economics is the latest to have launched a course dubbed Cryptocurrency Investment and Disruption, whereas a research in the United States of America has indicated that 9% of the world’s US undergraduate students have chosen a blockchain-related course and 26% have the same intentions.

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