Rare Cryptos You Should Ponder


It is estimated that there are over 1600 cryptocurrencies on the market today. Not all stand the test of time and instability being currently experienced in the market. Many of these projects have come crumbling down especially after the bearish run of 2018.

One of the other reasons why new crypto projects crumble down in their early stages is people’s perception of altcoins. People perceive the dominant cryptos as the best the crypto space can offer. In the process, they turn a blind eye on valuable altcoins that are gaining ground in the crypto world.

We take a look at some of the forgotten altcoins that you should really consider in 2019.

The Vechain (VET) Cryptocurrency

VeChain is ranked at position 23 among the top 100 digital currencies. With a current price of $0.0054 and a market cap that stands at over $300 million, it’s fair to say VeChain is doing pretty well.

Users have named VeChain among the best cryptos with the most amazing website graphics. The digital currency has been applied in industries like in healthcare, fashion, automotive, luxury and logistics.

VeChain digital currency has also partnered with companies like PWC, BMW and the tobacco industry in China. With its great vision and a skilled team, its use will certainly go beyond supply chain management in 2019. You should consider investing.

Factom Digital Currency

Factom may hold the 70th position in the top 100 crypto list and it may be valued at only $60 million but the crypto has room for potential. Factom’s price currently stands at $6.4 and this means it has the potential to battle it out with top coins in the industry.


Factom has partnered with System Planning Analysis and Yooya, one of China’s best B2B video network. The altcoin aims at being the best in its field of service. 2019 is particularly a potential breakthrough year for Factom and could see it get at top 40 with its current price growth.

The Wave Platform

Wave is an innovative platform for securing asset transactions. It currently stands at position 25 with a market cap of about $278 million and a price of $2.7.

Using other digital assets on the platform attracts a fee in a way that Wave generate value for its investors.

Wave has found its way in the gaming market and have a chance of gaining widespread adoption. The Wave project has received publicity following a recent report stressing the need for the implementation of NFT, DLT and smart contracts in the gambling and gaming business. You should definitely look out for the Wave crypto in 2019.

Nexo Digital Currency

Ranked at 93 with a market cap of $48 million and a price of $0.087, Nexo is a pretty interesting cryptocurrency. A look at its average trading, tells you that Nexo has enough liquidity for its investors. This means that the currency can only grow up its current rank.

According to the Nexo website, its objective is becoming a pioneer in offering crypto backed loans for anybody across the globe. If you are looking for a cryptocurrency that will work for you, consider Nexo.

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