Industry Downturn Fails To Stop The Popularity Of Cryptocurrency Conference


Despite the Crypto market being bearish for the better part of 2018, digital currency and blockchain conferences continued to experience tremendous growth. According to the analytical data site Tradeblock, in the last 6 months of last year, no decline was observed in the number of conferences held. New York, London, Moscow, and Malta are some of the places that hosted thousands of attendees who spent millions of dollars learning about the new technology from experts.

Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Conferences Remain Popular

Last year, there was a stark contrast between the Crypto market and Cryptocurrency focused conference according to the latest data by Tradeblock. The 2017 Crypto bull played a major role in enhancing the popularity of blockchain and digital currency conferences last year. According to the data, event organizers pulled in millions of dollars thanks to initial coin offering (ICO) exhibition booths and ticket sales.

Most of the events held last year sold out despite the high ticket prices, rampant scams, and criticism from some quarters such as Vitalik Buterin. On Mother’s Day, tickets for the Women on the Block conference sold for $299-599. Early bird tickets sold for $649 while the rest reached $979 in the Token Summit held on May 17. In the same month, attendees paid $899-$1,299 per person at NYC Blockchain Tech & Invest Summit.

Thousands Of Attendees In Pricey Crypto Events

The various blockchain and Cryptocurrency conferences held last year hosted thousands of attendees. Malta Blockchain Summit was the most highly attended event with 9,500 guests. 6,000 people attended the Blockchain Expo Global in London. The Paris Fintech Forum, Blockchain Conference Moscow, Deconomy South Korea, and the Blockchain Summit Vienna hosted 2,000 attendees each. The other conferences held in the same year include Cryptocurrency World Expo Berlin with 1,600 guests and Finovate Europe with 1,400 attendees.


The organizers of these conferences invited various Cryptocurrency developers and blockchain luminaries as main speakers. The attendees got a chance to learn more about the technology from these experts who have vast knowledge and experience in blockchain and Cryptocurrency. Some of the prominent people in the Crypto sector that made presentations in these events included Balaji Srinivasan, Charlie Lee, Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, and Tim Draper among others.

Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Conferences Still Popular In 2019

Last year was one of the toughest in the Crypto industry with most coins losing their values significantly. As Tradeblock observed, that did not affect the growing popularity of blockchain and Cryptocurrency focused events. Although the popularity of these conferences at the beginning of 2018 could be explained by the good performance of most altcoins in 2017, they continued to thrive even in the second half of last year despite the many difficulties in the market.

In the coming few months, various blockchain and Cryptocurrency related conferences will be taking place. The Binance Blockchain Week event, TNABC Miami, Crypto Investor Show Manchester, and Blockchain DC are some of the events to be held in the coming months. Some of these events have the capacity to host up to 4,500 guests. The demand for these conferences will remain popular as long as more people want to learn about the disruptive innovations.

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