European Commission Boss Acknowledges Bitcoin Friendly Micronation


As 2019 fairs along, the Liberland sovereign state has continued to bring in more headway. It has continued to receive recognition from various top leaders at the European Union. There are also a host of members of parliament that have also recognized the micronation. The micronation had earlier claimed the parcel of land between Serbia and Croatia. On the 31st of January 2019, the president of the European Union validated the bitcoin friendly micronation.

Striving For More Recognition

The micronation, commonly referred to as the Liberland Free Republic has been the topic in many discussions recently. Top leaders of the European Commission are among those who have been discussing it. It is basically a 7-square kilometer territory lying on the Danube banks. In 2015, the territory was claimed by some people who had strong beliefs in the ideologies of liberation. According to Vit Jedlicka, the Liberland president, no any other nation claims the ownership of the land. His sentiments have been shared by the rest of the citizens. The group has been following the protocol of terra nullius to get acknowledged by the rest of the world leaders especially EU members. Liberland then opted to present its case to the European Union Parliament seven months ago. It was fighting to get recognized as a sovereign nation state. The region has, so far, garnered more than 550,000 applicants to be the citizens.

The EU President’s Response

The micronation has finally been acknowledged by top European leaders. In the recent EU parliament sitting, a question was asked in regards to the piece of land that lies between Serbia and Croatia. According to Jean Claude Juncker, the EU president, Liberland still needs further clarification. He was respond to a question by Bill Etheridge, the West Midlands member of parliament. Etheridge had inquired if the parcel of land was part of the vast European territory. The member of parliament is also famous for his strong liberation beliefs. According to the entire Bitcoin micronation, the remarks by EC boss is a step towards where they want to head as a nation. They believe it is the right way to go about a voluntary based government. According to the micronation’s president, real progress is now seen with the acknowledgement by the European Commission. He says they are now a step closer to knowing if they are either an independent sovereign state or a EU territory.


Crypto, Open Source Linear TV, And DAOs

Despite all this, Liberland is still very active in spreading innovative and decentralized technologies such as the cryptocurrency. The citizens of this seven kilometer square piece of land believe in incorporated technologies that are forward looking such as the cryptos as well as the Decentralized Autonomous Organization – DAO. The region has also been accepting funding that are done through some of the leading digital currencies. For some years, the citizens have been using Bitcoin Core, the Ethereum, as well as Bitcoin Cash. On the 10th of February, Roger Van, an established BTC entrepreneur took to the social media to make a point. He said that the Liberland has received BTC funding more than any other virtual coin.

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