A Career In Blockchain


Initially developed to report for bitcoin, blockchain is now one of the world’s most vibrant technologies. We have covered here before, the milestones blockchain is making in various sectors of the world economies. And the blockchain endorsements haven’t stopped coming in yet. Government sectors, industry leaders and entrepreneurs are among the endorsers of the disrupting technology.

These endorsements have positioned blockchain in the right path of success. Demand for blockchain is now growing at alarming levels as jobs in the labor market continue to increase in demand. Even for those who had little to no idea what blockchain is, now want everything to do with it.

If you are thinking of choosing blockchain for your career, they you treading on the right path. What you need to know is that blockchain is relatively new and you will probably have to be more innovative in your approach. Nevertheless, Blockchain’s future has never been so much brighter

Why Choose Blockchain Jobs

Let’s begin with the handsome pay. Blockchain is a developing technology field and currently, there are less talent available. Therefore, both the technical and the non-technical positions have a higher pay than other normal jobs out there. Revenue sharing models in blockchain jobs are better with higher incentives

How about working flexibilities? The contemporary world opts for remote jobs. More people shun the office concept and prefer working on location flexibility. It’s one of the reasons why blockchain has been reigning superior over its competitors. Cryptocurrency companies also offer work from home options with limited office visits

Staff liquidity is a benefit only limited to token companies. In most startups, staff get equity in the company and have to hang around for the liquidity event in order to sell shares and get currency. It’s often a complicated process especially when grants given are restrictive of secondary business. In blockchain however, staff receive tokens that serve equity like compensations. The token are inbound liquid shares

Positions Available In A Blockchain Career

Blockchain developer is one the most highly sought position in the blockchain industry. Its easily the most paid but this depends on the workplace. The blockchain developer position is even more than that of a hardware developer.

Now, not all positions in the blockchain field require technical expertise. A few of them are non-technical as well. The non-technical are in areas in design as well as operation in the blockchain business. People willing to venture into the non-technical are required to have consistency in the willingness to learn as the field is constantly evolving. They are also required to have a strong knowledge in blockchain technology. For instance if you are in the customer care business, you should know how blockchain works.


Best Path For An Established Blockchain Career

First of all it will need you to be consistent with skill building and be up to date with technological advancements

Develop the basics. It’s one of the vital building blocks in blockchain. Things like Dapp and Ethereum should also be known to you.

As resources are now more available, cryptography is lesser important. Blockchain’s reputation of protection depends on cryptography. A lack of understanding of the concept of cryptography may have dangerous consequence on companies relying of it

The blockchain job market is blooming, choosing the blockchain career path can be the best decision you have made.

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