Sony Unveils Crypto Hardware Wallet


An electronics giant has announced the development of a multi-purpose Crypto hardware wallet that it says will help Crypto owners store their digital assets more securely. Furthermore, the technology may be soon coming to a store easily accessible to you.

IC Card With Tamper Proof Module


Sony, the electronics giant and tech conglomerate based in Japan, made the announcement that its Sony CSL (Computer Science Laboratories) division had been successful in developing a Crypto hardware wallet designed to be used by Crypto owners to store a variety of digital assets including Bitcoin in an offline environment that is secure. This Crypto hardware wallet does in no way aim to completely replace the online options with the company stating that Crypto owners would still have the option of retaining their online storage systems, which actually offer a decreased level of security in comparison to the recently unveiled option.

While other conventional Crypto wallets, for example, the Ledger Nano and the Trezor One require connection to the Crypto owner’s PC or portable device through the use of a USB cable, the Sony hardware wallet would allow for Crypto owner’s private keys to be stored on an IC card that is contactless. In this way, the owner will be able to sign transactions easily from a mobile device that is NFC (near field communication) enabled.

In its released statements, Sony stated that the IC card type hardware wallet was small, effective and portable in comparison to the currently available hardware wallet options which required a USB cable to connect to the PC. The firm added that with the Sony CSL hardware wallet Crypto owners would be able to generate and store their private keys in a secure manner using the very dependable tamper-proof module found in the IC cards.

Sony’s Increasing Engagement With Blockchain Technology And Crypto Sector

The press release further stated that the Sony CSL hardware wallet could be used in a variety of applications among them being enabling the user to acknowledge a Blockchain transaction through their signatures, giving the other party the go-ahead to use their personal information.

What has been the object of notice from this unveiling was that the developed Crypto tech was not a pilot nor a research project but an actual product. What has been seen as a more common case is that the big tech companies would unveil a test project in a bid to be seen as being innovative in the new technology while in fact nothing tangible ever comes out of the projects.

The firm has been making strides in its involvement in Blockchain technology and the Crypto sector with it applying for a patent for a system which uses Blockchain technology in DRM (digital rights management). The company launched the production version of the said system that it announced will be built on the already existing DRM platform for its Sony Global Education, which is a platform that enables the sharing of educational information.

Promotion Of Blockchain Technology

The firm stated that with the new development it aims to spread the adoption of Blockchain technology.


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