Japan To Introduce New ICO Regulations


JIJI Press, a Japanese news outlet, has reported that the Japanese FSA (Financial Services Agency) is in the process of coming up with new regulations for ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings). This report, which was cited as coming from an informed source added that among the regulations, will be a set limit for investing in ICI in a bid to protect investors.

A Limit To ICO Investments

Companies within Japan looking to issue digital tokens in exchange for investments from both private and public entities will be required to register with the FSA. This is just the same as companies within the United States looking to issue private tokens register with the American SEC (). However, it is important to note that both bodies do not operate in a similar manner one of the differences in operation being that the SEC enjoys a wider purview that has been strengthened by previous pieces of legislation.

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In order to enforce the regulations that are to be issued, the FSA will first have to present bills to the floor of the Japanese parliament that essentially alter some of the Japanese financial laws to allow for such enforcement. This gives Crypto companies within the nation the opportunity to not only lobby the regulations they see as being more appropriate but also the opportunity to completely hinder the whole process altogether.

According to the details that have come out through the report, the awaited proposed laws and regulations will not only have an impact on ICOs that are looking to operate within the island nation but will also put a cap on how much citizens can invest in any ICO.

The ICO Visa

Within the United States, there have been politicians who are lobbying to see the SEC have no authority over Blockchain and ICOs. Among these the most vocal has been Warren Davidson, a US Congressman.

In France, although recent taxations on Crypto have been seen to be friendlier, they have not reached a place where they can compete with other nations whose taxations have led to them becoming a hub for the disruptive economy. The French government, however, has announced that it is in the process of coming up with new regulations that will make the nation a Crypto hub.

Among these is the introduction of an ICO visa which will offer companies looking to operate in France a degree of protection for both the entities and their employees. In China, the strict regulations on ICO have effectively stifled the sector to non-existence. Many Chinese ICOs moved into Japan following the regulations.

ICO Regulations Around the World

Lawmakers within the United Kingdom have noted an interest in coming up with better regulations for Crypto and ICOs. Rwanda has embraced Blockchain technology recently using it in the management of land titles.

There are still other jurisdictions around the world that have not put in place any regulations when it comes to Crypto and ICOs. This allows Crypto based companies to operate freely. However, in such jurisdictions, caution should be taken so as not to find that companies have been operating illegally once regulations have been drafted.

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