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Bitcoin’s Price Spike Theories

<p align="justify">Bitcoin is now at around $7,500, <a href="https://dailyiconews.com/crypto-news/what-next-for-bitcoin-after-april-gains/sammitchell/2019/05/02/">a steady upsurge</a> from $5,000, the price recorded at the beginning of May. And this is causing...</p>
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LCX Can Now Offer Crypto Services In Liechtenstein

<p align="justify">Several <a href="https://dailyiconews.com/crypto-skepticism-of-the-week/four-reasons-why-crypto-exchanges-lie-about-transaction-volumes/jason-bloomberg/2019/05/09/" target="_blank">crypto exchanges</a> have continued to be licensed for offering crypto trading services. The latest is Liechtenstein,...</p>
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