Top Services To Earn Cryptocurrencies


The announcement of the launch of Libra by Facebook has captured the attention of many. Couple this with the recent price surges of bitcoin and now you have millions of people interested in cryptocurrencies. Since cryptocurrencies went mainstream in 2017, hardly anybody wants to miss out a chance to venture in the trade.

Digital currencies have proven a healthy byproduct of the blockchain revolution and a source of income. We have covered strategies to earn more with cryptocurrencies. Today we explore services that allow you to make money on crypto.

Topkie Bounty Services

Topkies allows hunters to sell their bounty stakes for Ethereum of different projects on the Topkie exchange soon as they appear on the spreadsheet. It takes months for bounty hunters to get rewarded, this is in order for Topkie to save time and help avoid the risk of wasting time for bounties with no reward

What To Mine

At the moment, bitcoin price keeps going up as altcoins follow the same trend. And this impacts your revenue from mining, in a positive way. WhatToMine helps users choose the best coin for mining. You can also check how profitable mining a selected altcoin is, compared to bitcoin or Ethereum

The service offered on WhatToMine has become so popular among crypto enthusiasts. Recently, it was recognized by similar web as a top service for website traffic adjustment. The website is reportedly generating over 4.7 million visits a month.

Formerly The service, which is now owned by Coinbase makes it possible for masses to use virtual currencies to send and receive targeted and paid micro tasks

The concept of their service is quite simple. It targets providing people with the possibility of earning bitcoin simply by replying to mails and completing tasks. You only need to sign up with your email ID and complete profile to get started. Upon authentication, you henceforth can use digital currencies like Ethereum and bitcoin to receive and send targeted and paid micro tasks.

crypto mining


The platform is a useful service for tracking profitable arbitrage deals between some of the biggest exchange platforms like Bitfinex, Gemini, Bitstamp, Coinbase, Kraken etc. The platform is for crypto trade veterans with more than one account on crypto exchanges. For newbies, trading arbitrage is the purchase and sale of crypto and profiting from the imbalance in price

Bitcoinity also reveals the current price, trade volumes and volatility.

The site is an income generating social network that enables users earn money by sharing their creativity.

The original idea is to incentivize matters crypto on the centralized and mainstream networks like Twitter and Facebook. That way people can react to and make contents.


Similar to services offered on WhatToMine, the service helps choose the best cryptocurrency for mining. For newbies in the business, the WhatToMine concept might be a little bit difficult to comprehend and use. Honeyminer offers a simpler to understand and use concept. It makes it easy for anyone to mine with only a computer

That’s all you need to start earning passive income. All you need do is register, install the Honeyminer software and start harnessing CPU and GPU power to mine crypto.

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