The Nostalgic Roller Coaster Ride On Bitcoin


Investing in the world’s most popular cryptocurrency is like buying a roller coaster ticket. Investors are experiencing nostalgia emanating from a series of drastic price changes. Some turns are good but not all. The difference being, this is not an amusement park, money is at stake.

So, if investing in bitcoin is in your plans, then you will need to learn a few tricks and tips on how to manage the roller coaster ride you are about to get yourself into. Otherwise if you can’t take it, it’s always advisable to invest your hard earned money elsewhere, in a safer blockchain haven-like HIVE Blockchain Technologies.

The Ride On Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s rise is phenomenal, right from when Satoshi published a whitepaper to when it reached a peak of about $20,000 and now when it’s been predicted to reach new highs. Digital currency trading has been regarded as the future for commerce and monetary exchange. And that’s why cryptocurrencies are a huge success today.

But the success has not been smooth to say the least. Earlier on, when bitcoin was approaching its peak, early investors made their millions while the late comers rushed in to invest, only to lose. In addition, serious risks emerged which validated claims that cryptocurrencies were an illegitimate trade. Some called it a Ponzi scheme.

Investors are constantly looking for a solid investments for retirement. And when bitcoin emerged, it seemed the perfect opportunity that would deliver enormous returns. On top of that, bitcoin went ahead and topped $20,000 in mid-December 2017, registering an over 200% in a matter of weeks.

From there on, the ride turned was perilous, plunging to prices below $5,000 at the end of the year. There was hardly any changed witnessed at the beginning of 2019. Prices had dived further below $4,000. Change began in February when bitcoin registered it first positive month. In only three months, bitcoin prices were soaring again. Despite a few corrections prices averaged at about $9,000 and had kicked the crypto market alive again. Then finally, on June 22nd, the $10,000 mark was finally breached.

crypto high

Renewed Positivity Within Crypto

The last couple of months has been an exciting time for crypto proponents and investors. System wise, the blockchain technology behind bitcoin is stable while Price wise, the flagship currency is still unstable and exposed to wild swings

Now, without the technology, bitcoin would be valueless. And that’s why you can position early and invest in hive blockchain tech. as HIVE gains exposure to future investors, hive has better liquidity and has a long term strategy of enhancing shareholder value.

Blockchain Is Only Beginning

Blockchain technology is only just beginning. Soon, it will disrupt the whole financial sector and major banks will be forced to align themselves with the technology or be rendered useless if not. Forthcoming changes are still imminent in the crypto stage and the crypto market will evolve.

If you find a chance to make even a little investment in bitcoin, then don’t hesitate. However we caution you to be vigilant. Be sure to check on HIVE technology, they might potentially be holding blockchain stock of the century.


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