John McAfee, A Cryptocurrency Enthusiast, To Run For US Presidency Despite IRA Chase

John McAfee

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is charging John McAfee with felony charges. However, he is on the run and it is not yet clear how the case will unfold in the coming days, weeks, or months.

He is running for the US Presidency in 2020 and it is not yet clear what implications the charges may have on his campaigns. He is an avid supporter of Cryptocurrencies and the significance of his advocacy is that he has a high social standing in the tech circles as the founder of one of the world’s leading Anti-Virus and Internet Security, McAfee.

The Announcement Was Made Last Year

Although the 73-year-old tech enthusiast announced that he would be on the precedential ballot for 2020 in June last year but remained silent for much of the time, he recently announced in a tweet that “exile” won’t stand between him and his campaign. This shows the world that himself and his supporters are more energized than ever and will be hitting the campaign trail with confidence.

He will be running on the Libertarian ticket and is already drawing a lot of attention as some people are wondering whether he is for real or not. However, given the recent history where President Donald Trump was dismissed as a joker with zero chances of winning against Hillary Clinton, many people would find themselves taking him seriously learning from the precedence of the big election night surprise from Trump.

His Campaigns Will Be Tactful

In a Twitter video, John McAfee revealed to concerned fans and non-supporters about his campaign tact. He is planning to have his support team create thousands of masks of his face to wear and represent him in his exile. The team will be split into “road warriors” who would visit public spaces to drum up support on his behalf and another group that will be attending conferences and lectures to argue and present his policies. This would, in turn, prevent the IRS team from catching him in campaign gatherings. From the video, John promises his fans of more plans to come in the future.

Although it is difficult to ignore the drama that would unfold between John McAfee and his supporters on one hand and the IRS team on the other, one can only wait and see how the events would unfold.

Interestingly, the campaign is already receiving a lot of attention because of the peculiar strategies. However, it is hard to predict the impact on the ballot at this stage.

Formidable Opponents

The campaign would, however, be an uphill task for McAfee given the growing popularity of President Donald Trump’s policies and a majority populace support for the Democratic party. Other candida such as Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, and others have come out and announced their candidature while many more are predicted to join the race.

Impact Of John McAfee Candidature On Cryptocurrency Markets

Even though no one knows for sure whether John McAfee would win or lose, he could use the campaign platform to drum up support for Cryptocurrencies to a larger audience. For instance, he predicted that BTC would surge to $500,000 by 2020, many Americans would, most likely, come across this forecast.

Meanwhile, if he becomes the 46th US President, Cryptocurrencies may become a de facto tender in the US.

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