HTC Unveils A Phone Designed For Cryptocurrency Wallets And Blockchain Platforms


HTC has unveiled its Exodus 1 phone. It is a normal smartphone that has extensional features for a cold Crypto wallet for securing Cryptocurrency private keys. Additionally, the wallet can be used to store other personal data that relates to mining.

The phone’s software has been specifically designed to incorporate Blockchain software for mobile-based Cryptocurrency utilization. Hence, Exodus 1 features make it appeal to Cryptocurrency holders and anyone else who wishes to have total control over their personal data.

Crypto Apps On HTC Exodus 1 Phone


HTC developers have installed vital Blockchain apps and a Crypto wallet on the phone to enable users to directly access Digital Ledger services from their phones. Further, for apps that are not pre-installed, users can download them from a Crypto gaming and a Blockchain app store that is available.

Crypto games operate in the same model as Blockchain as they collect unique virtual cats that are available in other devices such as the HTC U12+. It is important to note that these games are instrumental in helping players to earn Tokens that can be redeemed in a Crypto exchange. Hence, the new phone version will play a significant role in increasing the number of Cryptocurrency holders.

HTC is inviting Blockchain developers to take advantage of the Blockchain store feature on the new phone to distribute their non-fungible tokens, collectibles, and blockchain games on the HTC storefront. HTC is also reaching out to a Crypto-based digital ownership program known as Bitmark to enhance its Blockchain features.

Most interestingly, the HTC Exodus 1 smartphone can support a key management app. This aspect of the phone allows a user to secure a Crypto wallet when a phone gets lost or hacked. This is because the key management software allows a user to send sections of a key to trusted individuals to ensure that the whole key is not available to any single third-party user in an emergency. The app also doubles down as an inbuilt key recovery software.

HTC Exodus 1 Phone Is Still A Conventional Smartphone

HTC is hoping to merge the world of smartphones with Blockchain utilities. In this perspective, this phone allows users to have all Cryptocurrency and Blockchain services at their fingertips.

Common phone features include 8MP dual front cameras, 16MP dual rear cameras, 6-inch Quad HD+ display with an aspect ratio of 18:9, IP68 water and dust resistance, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, 128GB UFS2.1 storage, 6GB RAM, and an Android OS. The Android Oreo version can be upgraded to Pie in due time. Additionally, the phone can record videos on 4K60fps quality on a 3D recording. On matters of power, the phone has a fast-charging 3500mAh battery cell.

HTC Is Receiving Orders

Customers are free to order the phone. However, the company is only accepting BTC and ETH. The pre-order price is 0.15 BTC or 4.78 ETH per unit. Customers from 34 countries can buy the phone with exception of China, where Cryptocurrencies are restricted. The first batch will be available for delivery in December 2018.

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